ScienceLogic raises $105 million to grow its AIOps platform

ScienceLogic, a startup developing an AIOps and IT infrastructure monitoring platform, today announced that it raised $105 million. The company says the investment will support its continued growth in the AIOps market and further broaden ScienceLogic’s position within the IT operations management industry.

AIOps, short for AI for IT operations, is a category of products that enhance IT by leveraging AI to analyze data from tools and devices. Research and Markets anticipates it’ll be a $14.3 billion market by 2025. That might be a conservative projection in light of the pandemic, which is forcing IT teams to increasingly conduct their work remotely. In lieu of access to infrastructure, AIOps solutions could help prevent major outages, the cost of which a study from Aberdeen Research pegged at $260,000 per hour.

Reston, Virginia-based ScienceLogic, which was founded in 2003, uses AI-driven techniques to discover technologies and vendors across physical, virtual, and

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Welcome To Division Of College Education, Government Of Rajasthan,Jaipur

The Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of 1994 requires all persons engaged in teaching, supervision, and administration of all elementary and secondary schools in the nation to pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). Graduation Rate The graduation price within 150 percent of the anticipated time to completion (usually six years for schools that award predominantly four-year degrees and 3 years for schools that award predominantly two-year degrees). In the area of skilled studies, future teachers seek to realize the historical, philosophical, and social foundations of education, the principles of human development and studying, and the nature and practice of pedagogy. Give proof of depth and breadth in their content understanding and the content material particular instructional methods to successfully facilitate finding out PreK-12.

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Trump’s 9/11 boxing gig gives MAGA fans exactly what they want

UPDATE (Sept. 10, 2021, 7:45 p.m. ET): This piece has been updated to note former President Donald Trump may now be making some 9/11 stops, although these plans remain vague.

There is much hand-wringing and even outright mockery over former President Donald Trump’s Saturday plans for the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Unlike former President George W. Bush and former President Barack Obama or President Joe Biden, Trump isn’t going for the solemn. Instead, alongside his son Don Jr., Trump will be providing commentary for a boxing match. These two heretofore unrecognized geniuses of the sweet science will be doing MAGA-friendly play-by-play from the Hard Rock Café in Hollywood, Florida — presumably before a raucous, maskless crowd.

The highlight will be 58-year-old former champion and 1984(!) Olympian Evander Holyfield. This isn’t a boxing card. It’s a crime scene.

As for the fight itself, it is a repellent affair even

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Lecture explores ‘why’ behind science denial | Arts & Entertainment

There’s a science behind why people deny science.

Enter Michael Goldsby, a philosophy professor at Washington State University who is working to understand the logic behind why people deny science and the cascade of effects this has on society.

Anyone who has engaged in a discussion with someone who rejects the scientific facts surrounding an argument will feel like they’re “playing a game of whack-a-mole,” said Goldsby. No matter what you say, “they will come up with an alternative that keeps their theory intact.”

His recent research has shown that this type of reasoning erodes an individual’s ability to make predictions about what is going to happen in the future. For example, someone who believes in the theory of climate change knows that measurable data — such as rising sea levels and retreating glaciers — will confirm their theory and that it would be disconfirmed if the opposite were to

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