Legal Degrees Should I Take to Become a Lawyer?


If you’re interested in attending Abraham Lincoln Law School, there are several different legal degrees that you can choose to take before officially becoming a lawyer. The three most popular degrees are the JD (Juris Doctor), the LLM (Master of Laws), and the SJD (Doctor of Juridical Science). All three […]

Micro-Management: The Case of Education

Joan S. Reed

There are three bases to an institutional effort; educational, commercial and welfare. An educational institution is formal arrangements of educators, children, and parents to create an effective learning environment for children. The educational environment aims to target all aspects of learning; knowledge dissemination, morale improvement, character building, and like. In […]

Starting Up a College in Kenya

Joan S. Reed

STEP 1: The initial step is to go to Sheria House (registrars) and acquire a name search for the college. STEP 2: From Sheria House, the company will acquire certain documents that are meant to be taken to TELEPOSTA GPO building where the company will receive a requirement list, a […]