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Les raisons de travailler avec une agence pour acheter un appartement à Lyon 2 sont multiples : l’importance d’un personnel formé qui vous guidera au mieux, l’utilisation des nouvelles technologies et des informations pertinentes sur le marché.

Au moment d’acheter un appartement à Lyon 2, beaucoup de gens se demandent pourquoi ils préfèrent les services d’une agence immobilière officielle. Les raisons sont multiples et passent par plusieurs facteurs ; d’une connaissance plus approfondie du marché à la capacité de prendre soin d’un bien avec les multiples risques existants.

Les sociétés immobilières formelles investissent d’importantes ressources financières dans la formation de leurs équipes de travail. Cela génère des agents immobiliers à la pointe en termes de coût du mètre carré, et le panorama du secteur du logement dans les différents quartiers de Lyon 2. En outre, les sociétés immobilières formelles mettent en œuvre de nouvelles technologies pour être à … Read More

Where to Donate to Victims’ Families, Advocacy Groups and More

Though headlines may be shifting focus of late, the protests against police brutality following the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are still ongoing. The call to eradicate the systemic racism plaguing our country is ongoing. The fight for Black lives is ongoing.

There are many different ways to become part of the movement, whether that’s by taking to the streets in protest, having tough conversations at home or with a donation. For the latter, ET has compiled this list of places to send your money, whether that is to victims’ families (or groups doing good in their names, as with The Okra Project’s Nina Pop Mental Health Recovery Fund) or to the numerous organizations championing legal aid and legislative efforts.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but we encourage you to find an outlet below that speaks to you. (And if you have the

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Colorado Primary 2020: Denver Election Results

DENVER, CO — Thousands of ballots have been returned by drop box and mail in Denver for Tuesday’s state primary. The biggest race in the election is the Democratic matchup for the U.S. Senate seat. Andrew Romanoff is vying against John Hickenlooper June 30, and the winner will take on Republican incumbent Cory Gardner in November.

Hickenlooper is backed by national Democratic Party leaders, and Republicans have launched attack ads against him because Romanoff is viewed as an easier candidate to defeat in November.

But Colorado voters will ultimately decide who will be in the November race. As of Monday, more than one million ballots had been returned by mail and drop box.

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>> Romanoff vs. Hickenlooper: View the latest results for the U.S. Senate Democratic race here.

Results for

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The lack of women in cybersecurity puts us all at greater risk

Women are highly underrepresented in the field of cybersecurity. In 2017, women’s share in the U.S. cybersecurity field was 14%, compared to 48% in the general workforce.

The problem is more acute outside the U.S. In 2018, women accounted for 10% of the cybersecurity workforce in the Asia-Pacific region, 9% in Africa, 8% in Latin America, 7% in Europe and 5% in the Middle East.

Women are even less well represented in the upper echelons of security leadership. Only 1% of female internet security workers are in senior management positions.

I study online crime and security issues facing consumers, organizations and nations. In my research, I have found that internet security requires strategies beyond technical solutions. Women’s representation is important because women tend to offer viewpoints and perspectives that are different from men’s, and these underrepresented perspectives are critical in addressing cyber risks.

Perception, awareness, and

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