If You Think Your Kids (or Babies!) Are Too Young to Understand Race, Here’s Proof They Already Do

A multi-ethnic group of preschoolers are playing with plastic blocks together in class.
A multi-ethnic group of preschoolers are playing with plastic blocks together in class.

There’s a pervasive myth that children are these pure, blank slates who cannot develop racial prejudices unless they are explicitly taught to do so. They’re color-blind, many will say, and we shouldn’t talk to them about race because they’re too young, too confused, and too innocent. If a young child does talk about race or expresses any form of bias, many adults quickly change the subject. They’ll dismiss it or cast blame, either with a “you don’t know what you’re talking about” or a “we don’t say things like that.”

Race is one of the first things an infant can discern. And they just keep learning from there.

Although it’s true that babies may be born as blank slates, decades worth of psychological research has discovered that, developmentally, race is one of the earliest emerging social categories.

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What Will School Look Like in September?

Three months of lockdown has taught us this much: For the kids to be all right, they need to be With. Other. Kids. “The social-emotional needs of children to connect with other children in real time and space, whether it’s for physical activity, unstructured play or structured play, this is immensely important for young children in particular,” Dr. Dimitri Christakis, MD, MPH, Director of the Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development at Seattle Children’s Hospital told NPR.

So, what is the best we can hope for in September? The CDC recently released guidelines for reopening K-12 schools, but notes these are “recommendations” to be followed “as feasible.”

As we saw with summer camps, the decisions that most directly impact our kids’ lives will be made by state and local health officials and school administrators themselves. To sort through the many possibilities, we’ve compiled an alphabetized list of likely

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The best job search sites

Regardless of how the job market is doing at any given moment, finding employment will always feel like its own full-time job. As more and more college degrees are issued each year, the prospective pool of employables — your competition, that is — grows proportionally. To stay ahead of the curve and give yourself a fighting chance to get hired, you’ll need to stay competitive. You need to be active on the best job search sites out there.

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It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, so touch up those

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