Day: November 20, 2019

When it comes to being in a managerial position, this is usually due to high performance in the workplace, good work ethics and of course, your ability to help other employees improve. If you’re a first time manager, then the best thing you can do is trust yourself and your ability to perform well as a manager and to do so credibly. Many first timers think it takes many skills in order to perform well as a manager. However, it is important to keep in mind that all of the successful managers that exist were all first timers at some point.

According to Inc., 47% or almost half of all new managers become managers without having any new or additional training, a good suggestion is A free HR audit. As a result, just about anyone can become a manager. To become a manager, there are a few skills you will need to learn. Such as the ability to coach other employees, clear communication, motivational skills, and the ability to listen. However, with that said, the way that you start being a manager will determine how well you contribute to the growth of the company. Therefore, we will now look at a couple of great tips that will help any first time manager.

Know the Business

Every good manager should be able to know the business, inside out. Therefore, if you don’t have full knowledge of any aspect of the business, this will reduce your ability as a manager as well as slow down progress. Therefore, you need to know exactly what is going on in the business that includes knowing about the company culture, typical HR problems, strategy, technical aspects etc. It is only by having a deep understanding of the business that you can make the best decisions as a manager that will determine how your team works and its effect on the entire business.

If you are ever confused about any part of the business, you should take the time to ask the senior managers for clarification. By doing this, you should be able to confirm exactly what you know and don’t know. You should always pay close attention to the priorities of the business, metrics etc.

Don’t Micromanage Your Team & Empower Them

One of the worst things you can do is micromanage as it is not only difficult for the team, but also for you. Instead, you should let your team know exactly what you expect from them and empower them so that they feel confident that they can get the job done. When you give your team the space and ability to solve problems and contribute, this will actually increase your ability to manage.

However, in order to do this, you will need to understand each person in your team and determine his or her individual strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, you will know how to delegate work and provide the right amount of support for each team member.

Get a Mentor


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This post will explore 10 ideas that you can use without paying to improve the marketing efforts of your enterprise. This advice is the kind of thing you would get from a marketing agency in Fleet, Manchester or London, and is important to know.

1. Does the webpage that your business is using have a padlock symbol adjacent to the link? If this symbol does not exist, Google can penalise your website by showing it lower when one searches for your business on the web. To make your enterprise easier to find, contact your internet service provider and get a verified security certificate for your business. The certificate typically costs between £50 to £100.

2. By now, you should have made it easier for users to access your website using mobile devices. If your site is not mobile-friendly, speak to your web developer to make it more accessible. To know if your site is mobile friendly, you can visit

3. Does your business have an operational page on Facebook? If it does, is the page verified? Verified pages are considered to be real and original. You can verify your existing page by visiting Should your enterprise be lacking a page, get one to enjoy the benefits of marketing on Facebook.

4. You should also ensure that all the contact details of your enterprise such as email, telephone and address are all published consistently on the internet. Google bots trawling the web like to see these details presented consistently. You can make an online search of your enterprise and carry out any requisite changes so that this information is consistent.

5. When creating digital marketing accounts, most people tend to fill in some parts of the required information and leave out the rest for later. However, they tend to forget to update their channels. Check all your social marketing channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter and fill out any information you may have forgotten to add when creating the accounts.

6. Consider using Google Alerts to stay up to date with what your competition and businesses in your locality are doing. Alerts will help you understand any changes happening in your industry as well as emerging trends.

7. As a business, you should keep up with the latest changes in GDPR laws. This is important as it helps you understand how these laws are affecting your business. You can understand GDPR laws by following the sensible and practical information on posts made by ICO on the website

8. You can guarantee that you stand out on Google using tools provided by Google My Business. These tools are free and you can use them to post engaging content on your site, update your online profile as well as receive reviews from clients. These tools can be used on visiting

9. Most of the traffic on the web is accessed through handheld devices. The speed and ease of using your site on mobile gadgets can affect your …

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Having fun and making life an adventure is what being a kid is all about. Since kids are naturally born to love the unknown and to learn, they need to be encouraged to do this. There are many ways that kids can have the fun and adventure that they need in safe ways. During the summer months when school is out, they need to be kept busy so that they don’t get bored too easily. When kids are bored, they tend to get into trouble so they need to be taught how to have a lot of fun without having too much money – after all, your money will often be going to nanny tax payslips.

Things to Do to Encourage Adventure in Children

Encouraging adventure in children is easier than some parents think that it is. Parents can do certain things that will help their children to have fun when they aren’t in school. Since this can be done without spending a lot of money, they will be able to accomplish their goals by doing these types of things:

1. Have Fun Without Computers

Keeping the kids off of the computers is a good idea. They become overly dependent on them in many ways. From using them to play games and learning, watching tv and using cell phones, they need to be encouraged to go outside and experience all that nature has to offer them. Kids have a necessary drive to learn and they also can use their time outside to play with others. This gives them the ability to be part of a team, as well as make their own decisions about how they will engage in the playtime with others.

2. Switch It Up

Making the days different is another way that parents can instil a sense of adventure in youngsters. They can change the places that they go to and find new and different ways to have fun. Some people like to have their children write down different suggestions of things that they want to try to do while they are home from school during the summer months. Parents can pick the ideas out of bowl or jar and do them accordingly. As long as the ideas are inexpensive, they will allow for many new adventures during the summertime.

3. Good Role Model

As always, a parent wants to make sure that they are being a good role model. They want to be positive and happy. It’s important that they show their children that they can get through anything that they intend to. Kids that have great role models will tend to copy their parents and grow into good and healthy adults. That is why it makes sense for parents to show their children how to have fun on a budget. They should also show them how to learn about all types of things so that they will always grow.

Since parents want the best for the children, they will want to spend …

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10 Things That You Can Do Today To Improve Your Company’s Marketing

Read this guide from a leading SEO Agency on how making simple changes to your marketing can have a huge impact on your business success.

1. Does Your Website Offer The Padlock Next To The URL?

If it doesn’t, your website does not currently feature a security certificate which is likely to limit your website’s rankings. Google will penalise your website in the search engines results because of this. The time is now to install a security certificate on your website to ensure that you are offering site to site encryption to minimise the chances for a man in the middle attack. You can expect to pay anywhere from £50-£100 for it.

2. Your Website Needs To Be Mobile Responsive.

A lot of sites are, but if your website isn’t, you want to speak with your web developer to ensure that it is. You can check if your website is currently friendly to mobile devices by going to

3. Social Media

If you already have a Facebook page, you want to look to ensure that it is verified. Having a verified business page, your page will be much more authentic than if it weren’t verified. To verify your business’ page, you can go to If you do not have a Facebook page already, you are missing out on a large portion of benefits that can come from having one.

4. Contact Details

Are your contact details updated and presented consistently throughout all of your business listings. While this might sound like a seemingly insignificant detail, you are going to want to be sure that it is. Google is constantly crawling the internet and they want to see that everything about your business is present accurately across the board. Therefore, you want to Google your own business and company’s name to see whether or not there are inconsistencies with your company’s information.

5. Complete Digital Marketing Channel Profiles

Check to ensure that all of your digital marketing channels and profiles have been properly completed. It is likely that you have a couple that is insufficiently filled out because it is human nature to set up a profile and wait to complete it. Therefore, you want to re-visit some of the different social media channels like Twitter and Facebook to ensure that all of them are filled out to completion.

6. Use the Google Alerts Service

Get it to have everything delivered to your inbox including news about your competition, changes to your market and even your company’s name. This will keep you up to date on everything that is going on that you should know about.

7. GDPR Compliance

GDPR is something that you should be aware of because it is quickly approaching. It is important to stay in the know to the latest developments in GDPR and how they are likely to impact small businesses. The ICO website is something that you can use as it …

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Do you believe that if communities design their structures and buildings, they’re most likely to be healthy and happy?

You better believe it, because according to Darwin’s theory, animals are drawn upon things or settings where they can perform best. For human beings, this simply means environments and cities which grants them the balanced combination of both home and learning. While it’s true we can’t fly, smell or even swim very well, we thrive in a sea of information; and this is something that we’re excellent at. When there’s a piece of new environmental information, we can track it down better than a trained bloodhound.

What Makes an Attractive Space?

Human beings are attracted to spaces that tickle our interest: especially if it means it has that added mystery and complex setting. While it’s true that it’s easier to navigate and live in a community where the American street grids are orderly laid out, our mind unknowingly takes joy in complexity and prefers seeing streets that curve out until we can no longer see what’s on the other end. That alone attracts us: the mystery of what lies beyond the other end of the curve, one that teases us and calls us to find out what’s in there. Subconsciously, we like environments that tease our curious minds, but at the same time, satisfies them as well.

An environment can be considered legible if it’s straightforward – easy to read, one that you can see where you’re heading to from a distance. But other than that, there must be additional elements that add an oomph of mystery, calling our already curious mind and asking us to find the right way to take, similar to the African forests and trees where we came from.

When it comes to landscapes, again, a balance of legibility and mystery attract us; a landscape should be orderly, but complex at the same time. Natural scenes and the outdoors are filled with geometric structures, all of which combines both order and complexity. These geometric patterns are the inspiration behind building details, window frames, mighty Hindu temple domes and even how London’s streets were practically configured.

How and Why We Create Our Environment

The common structures that all of us are familiar with today originated from the complex structures of everything around us, including our brain and body. Our neurological system alone is designed with various shapes and patterns, and the same goes for our body’s anatomy, starting from our cell, lungs and other body systems. Before, buildings changed and evolved organically, starting with the use of wood materials turned into stone. A lot of locations evolved slowly – the roads now follow the land’s contour and fill these spaces.

Sadly, a lot of these have been long gone, as the 21st century turned from a relaxed to a fast-paced life. The majority of the buildings, locations and everyday spaces now focus on community, creativity, and our overall well-being. With that being said, how can we live …

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Women choose to adopt shapewear for many different reasons. If you are new to this style, it is natural that you will have some queries. You have to first find out which type of wearer you are. Some wear shapewear for special occasions; it may be a floaty billowing evening gown which looks exquisite with a waist definition. Others wear shapewear to gain confidence in day to day routines; it may be shorts or briefs to just keep everything in place as they tackle day to day issues. It can even be specific apparel in your wardrobe that you just do not adorn any more. By using body control shapewear, you can have enough confidence in your shape to rediscover styles you no longer use.

Before we start your shapewear experience, we can help answer some of the most common questions that people have.

1. Should I Wear a Smaller Size to Achieve Maximum Impact?

No! Shapewear is not about squeezing your natural shape for no reason. Wearing a small and ill-fitting body suit does not change your actual size. This will only give unwanted bumps and lumps in your silhouette that will only highlight your shapewear. You can wear a well-fitting corselette or tummy controlling brief to form your natural shape better and get a naturally defined line. It is best to be honest in your clothing size and your shapewear will give you your natural contours.

2. Should I Wear Undergarments under My Shapewear?

It is unnecessary to wear underwear if you have shapewear. Underwear can form visible lines under your shapewear. Shapewear is usually designed to minimize hems and seams in such a way that it gives very discreet support. If you have underwear under your shapewear, the lines of the undergarment can change the way shapewear hugs your body making it more visible. Shapewear usually comes as breathable, soft garments that have antibacterial properties and it is designed to hug your skin.

3. Can I Wear Shapewear Each Day?

Yes! If you want to wear shapewear every day, you should simply choose a medium control and comfortable piece and buy enough items for the entire week. If you have well-fitted and high-quality shapewear to wear on a daily basis, you can rely on this item of clothing go give you the confidence you need. Some ladies choose medium control briefs to wear each day under their normal work clothes. Others like to wear shaping shorts which give definition whether they are worn with skirts or trousers. Whatever choice you make, your daily wear should be very relaxing so that you comfortably go through each day.

4. Which is the Ideal Shapewear Colour?

The most appropriate shapewear colour should be dictated by your personal preferences. If you want shapewear to wear under a light-coloured dress, you should consider going for a nude colour. Nude colour also offers the most convenience when it comes to shapewear. However, there are women who prefer the colour black and it is …

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Most dogs enjoy running around, exploring the area and having a good time with their owners. After a long day of running around and playing, your dog is going to need to get enough rest. Just like you need some downtime, your four-legged friend is going to need its downtime too. You should have comfortable beds for your animals at home when they need rest and want to relax.

Selecting the Right Bed for Your Dog

Finding a good bed might seem difficult because you have probably noticed that there are a lot of different styles and options offered to dog owners. When your dog is resting, it likely moves around throughout the night, switching positions to get as comfortable as possible. You need to find a bed that can accommodate your dog and all of its movements.

How to Pick the Right Size

You need to provide your dog with a bed that provides enough space. Think about the positions that your dog often gets into when sleeping. If your dog likes stretching out, you want your pet to have enough space to do that on the bed that you have purchased. The size of the bed you choose will typically depend on the size of your dog.

Which Type is Best?

While browsing some of the dog bed options, you have probably noticed that these beds come in different shapes. Some beds are available in an oval shape while others are available in a square or rectangular shape. Some dogs have preferences when it comes to the shape of the beds they will use, but it all depends on your pet. Box beds are perfect for dogs that want to feel snug while they sleep. The walls of these box beds tend to offer that safe and comforting warm feeling that dogs often enjoy when they are resting.

Are Certain Materials Better Than Others?

Different dog beds are composed of different materials. You want to choose a material that is soft and comfortable enough for your dog, but also easy to clean and possibly even waterproof. You are going to need to clean the dog bed at times, best done at the same time as you shampoo your dog, especially if your pet is dirty or if you end up travelling with your dog and bring the pet bed along with you.

Where to Put a Dog Bed

The best place to put a dog bed is any spot where your dog feels comfortable. Many dog owners like to put the pet bed on the floor of their bedroom. The dog gets to have its own space but will enjoy being in the same room as its owner at the end of the night. If you would like to feel closer to your pet without having to share your bed, this is the perfect solution for you and your four-legged friend.

Are Special Beds Available?

Some dogs have special needs and may benefit from using beds …

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