What is a UPS Battery?

UPS power supplies ensure the computer keeps running in case the primary power source is lost or is unstable – enabled by a connection using cables. Combined with a cooling server rack, the normal home UPS battery backup is a small, compact unit from a high-drain power cell that’s rechargeable after use. However, the specifics and features of a UPS greatly depend on its power capacity and its intended use.

Earlier, this system was mostly made of a lead-acid (VRLA) battery. Recently, improvements are featuring in the lithium-ion technology and thus Li-ion cells are becoming major components of the current UPS systems.

VRLA Batteries

The lead-acid batteries or VRLA are amazingly efficient and highly reliable. Their ability to supply power is superb and last a bit long – about 5 years. Its name suggests some of its components. The ‘VR’ in full stands for valve regulated. What does this … Read More

Why Video Marketing Is So Important

video production shootIt is very easy to see why video content has skyrocketed in terms of popularity in today’s digital landscape. After all, it offers content in a very easy to digest format and it gives people a very pleasant break from being bombarded with text-based content that dominates the online world. This is precisely why the entire globe watches over 1 billion hours of content on YouTube every single day.

For those that are looking to get into digital marketing as a career choice, knowing how powerful video marketing is and how to leverage its power is key. Not only to learn how to produce incredible videos, but also because they will need to introduce this type of content simply to remain competitive in this booming field. That is why smart businesses are working with creative agencies and a branded content videographer to maximise the video marketing opportunity.

Below, we will … Read More

Why Should You Hire a Storage Unit?

Hiring a storage unit allows you to store almost anything you want. This explains why storage units have seen a rapid increase in demand in recent years. The following are some of the top reasons why you should hire storage space from Storage Giant.


Storage units help you to save space both at home and in your office. After all, these units are there to provide you with more room.

Storage units are usually available in varying sizes. Thus, if you properly organise your items, you can fit very many things in these spaces.

With a self-storage unit, you get alternative storage for items that you don’t frequently use. For example, you can free up significant space in your home and keep it neat and organised by storing your snowboard gear.

Offers Convenience

In case you have an urgent commitment, then a storage unit offers a great way of … Read More

A 5 Step Guide to Maintaining an Alluring Residence

Contrary to a popular belief held by many people, ‘taking care of your residence’ does not simply involve making repairs to damaged areas. Though undertaking technical repairs around your home does help, taking proper care of your abode is something that starts at the personal level. Of course, you can enlist the help of a coronavirus cleaning service to help you keep on top things during these uncertain times. There are also certain steps that every homeowner can easily take to ensure that the house and the surrounding environment remains clean, pristine and healthy as discussed in the article below.

1. Remove the clutter in Your Living Space

This can be done by people of all ages residing in the house. Though cleaning up the house does not take a lot of time, clutter can quickly add up and make a spacious and aesthetically pleasing space displeasing to look at. … Read More