Using potatoes to generate electricity

Why Do Some Fruits and Vegetables Conduct Electricity? | Live Science

Since the invention of electricity, several ways electricity can be used have been identified. Currently, we are now so dependent on electricity that it seems that several aspects of our lives are now dependent on electricity. It could easily be concluded that the greatest difference between the stone age and the modern era is the invention of electricity. Should electricity suddenly disappear from the world today, life would go back to the era where we have to do everything manually or almost manually. There would be no cars, planes, computers, phones, television, microwave, blender, and other technological gadgets that have made life easier for us.

After the invention of electricity, research has continued towards finding more ways that electricity could be produced at a price that will be cheaper both to humans and the environment. This is considering that most of the early means of generating electricity were non-renewable … Read More