Singer, songwriter Carole King and ‘Educated’ author Tara Westover among influential Idaho women

No list of incredible Idaho women is complete without a discussion of Sacagawea, the Shoshone teen who helped guide the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1805.

Technically, this list doesn’t include Sacagawea. It focuses on Idaho women alive between 1920 and 2020, as the USA TODAY Network marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment when women in the U.S. gained the legal right to vote. In commemoration, the USA TODAY Network is naming 10 American women from all 50 states and the District of Columbia who’ve made significant contributions to their respective states and country as Women of the Century.

Even without Sacagawea, the list is rich with Idaho women who also trod adventurous paths. The 10 who made the list are American women with a record of outstanding achievement in arts and literature, business, civil rights, education, entertainment, law, media, nonprofits and philanthropy, politics, science and medicine

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Self Reliance is the Secret to Success For Investors in Fixer

Inside you, there is a quiet and an asylum to which you can withdraw and act naturally.

Herman Hesse – What spurs somebody to surrender an astounding quiet presence and choose to hurl themselves entirely into the capricious and testing universe of fixing houses and overseeing occupants?

One inspiration is the craving to get more cash-flow and to accommodate our families. Be that as it may, on the off chance that it were just about cash, an a lot simpler path is accept a second position on ends of the week at Home Depot or Wal-Mart and draw a consistent second check.

In the event that we drill down to the vast majority’s bedrock inspiration around here, I feel that we find at the center they want to act naturally dependent. They need to settle on the choices that decide their destiny throughout everyday life.

Others are incorrect, You are

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Trump Admin Declares Teachers ‘Essential Workers’

‘If the President really saw us as essential, he’d act like it,’ said the president of the American Federation of Teachers

As schools struggle to reopen their doors this school year — with many almost immediately experiencing massive COVID-19 outbreaks, including schools in Georgia and universities such as Notre Dame — the Trump administration has now labeled teachers “essential” workers. The declaration of teachers as “critical infrastructure workers” came in an Aug. 18 guidance published by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

More specifically, the teachers included in the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce” advisory list are: “professors, teachers, teacher aides, special education and special needs teachers, ESOL teachers, para-educators, apprenticeship supervisors, and specialists.”

In addition to teachers, the list also includes those who “provide services necessary to support educators and students” such as administrators, administrative staff, IT specialists, media specialists, librarians, guidance counselors,

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Federal government wants COVID vaccine distribution system in place and ready to roll by Nov. 1

Operation Warp Speed – the White House-led partnership for COVID-19 answers – is pushing its partners to be ready to begin distributing coronavirus vaccine by Nov. 1.

The date is the first concrete goal set for companies working with Operation Warp Speed be prepared to deliver vaccines to doctors and hospitals, said Wes Wheeler of the delivery giant United Parcel Service.

Wheeler said UPS and other partners will be conducting test delivery runs in September.

“We’ll be ready. We have to be ready,” he said. “The world is watching. We can’t fail.”

Operation Warp Speed is comprised of federal agencies such as the CDC, the FDA, and the Department of Agriculture. The initiative aims to expedite the rapid production of COVID-19 tests, treatments and vaccines. Its goal is to produce and deliver 300 million doses of vaccine by January.

UPS is working as a consultant to Operation Warp Speed, Wheeler

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