Luxury Education Foundation Discusses Leadership, Scouting Talent

It is said the proverbial path to success is paved with failures, and difficult to navigate. That’s why the Luxury Education Foundation (LEF), a nonprofit focused on educating and developing leaders for the luxury industry, polishes top talent until it sparkles and shines — for a growing and dynamic market that is ready.

Ketty Maisonrouge, president, LEF, told WWD, “LEF started in 2004 with one single program and has evolved into a transformative force for all levels of management. In a world where talent is increasingly key to any success, LEF has built a community of multi-generational leaders who help each other by promoting creative thinking, fostering connections between various areas of expertise as well as across company lines.”

Here, Maisonrouge talks to WWD about the ins and outs of LEF, its unique curriculum, and how the organization pivoted during the coronavirus pandemic.

WWD: How does LEF uniquely

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