Rosa Parks, Condoleezza Rice, Coretta Scott King among 10 influential women from Alabama

Despite a state government that has historically hoarded power and opportunity for the few, women in Alabama have for decades championed causes and led movements to bring equity, fair treatment and opportunity to the many. Alabama women have risen from racism, poverty and prejudice to make waves that ripple across the nation, not just the state. 

Women in Alabama such as Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King were the foot soldiers, behind-the-scenes planners and unsung caretakers of a national Civil Rights Movement buoyed by the Montgomery Bus Boycott and Selma’s voting rights marches. Black women in Alabama would carry this mantle for decades afterward, advocating for equal access to public education and labor equality in the face of rampant racism and discrimination. 

The advocacy of these women, whether through activism or art, would set the stage for other women to follow: artists and scientists such as Laverne Cox and Dr.

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