what will she mean for women’s rights?

<span>Photograph: Carlos Barría/Reuters</span>
Photograph: Carlos Barría/Reuters

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was revered, a pioneering champion of gender equality. But her potential replacement on the supreme court threatens a systematic unraveling of hard-won rights that have given American women some semblance of autonomy and control.

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“It is a particularly painful irony that much of her legacy is at great risk of being undone by another woman,” said Lucinda Finley, a professor at the University at Buffalo School of Law. “A tragic irony.”

On Saturday night, Donald Trump nominated 48-year-old judge Amy Coney Barrett to take Ginsburg’s seat on the court. If confirmed, Barrett will make history as only the second woman to join the court after being nominated by a Republican president. But for women’s rights experts, that will do little to mask what Trump actually wants from his nominee: judicial

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