Belleville Teachers Union Leery As Schools Prepare To Reopen

BELLEVILLE, NJ — “Teachers want to teach. We just want to do it safely.” This was the sentiment among union members in Belleville on Thursday night, as the public school district prepares to move ahead with its plan to reopen amid the coronavirus crisis.

According to the restart plan, there will be a “hybrid” mix of online and in-person classes on Sept. 8, the first day of school in Belleville. The lower grades and special education students will be the first groups to attend in-person classes, with the other grades attending class remotely until they’re gradually phased in.

But whether that can be done safely is still up in the air – literally, according to Belleville Education Association President Mike Mignone.

“We are compelled to inform the Belleville community that the Belleville Education Association (BEA) does not believe that our schools are providing our students and staff with a safe

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AZ-304 Study Guide: Microsoft Azure Architect Design

To get the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert affirmation, there are two new tests which you have to pass, the AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies and the AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design test. In this blog entry, I am going to share my AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design Certification Exam Study Guide with you. To learn and get ready for the test, I generally utilize a few online assets, mostly Microsoft Docs and Microsoft Learn, which I am going to impart to you. You can discover more data about how I get ready for a Microsoft Certification test on my blog entry: How to plan and finish Microsoft Certification Exam.

Here is my AZ-304 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Certification Exam Study Guide

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Depression, anxiety spike amid outbreak and turbulent times

Mental health therapists’ caseloads are bulging. Waiting lists for appointments are growing. And anxiety and depression are rising among Americans amid the coronavirus crisis, research suggests.

In the latest study to suggest an uptick, half of U.S. adults surveyed reported at least some signs of depression, such as hopelessness, feeling like a failure or getting little pleasure from doing things. That’s double the rate from a different survey two years ago, Boston University researchers said Wednesday in the medical journal JAMA Network Open.

The study did not ask about any diagnosis they might have received, and for many people, the problem is mostly angst rather than full-blown psychiatric illness. But experts say the feeling is genuine and deserving of professional help.

For some people, it stems from lost loved ones and the financial distress and social isolation the outbreak has caused. Experts say Americans are also feeling anxiety over the

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How China’s universities are reopening

By Cate Cadell and Gabriel Crossley

BEIJING (Reuters) – As COVID-19 cases in China sink to new lows, the world’s largest population of university students is heading back to campus in a migration defined by lockdowns, patriotic education and cutting-edge surveillance equipment. 

The highly choreographed return comes as Chinese universities revert to in-person instruction for the fall semester after months of pandemic controls.

Some universities have strict rules governing how students eat, bathe and travel. Students in Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai told Reuters that they must submit detailed movement reports and stay on campus.

“But they haven’t yet told us the specific application process or what reasons will be considered reasonable,” said one student at Beijing’s Renmin University.

Renmin University did not respond to a request for comment. A notice on its social media account confirmed students must apply to leave campus.

At the same time, government procurement documents show

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