Loft de lujo en Barcelona: ¿por qué vivir en uno?

Los 10 áticos de lujo más espectaculares de Barcelona- Lucas Fox

Para quienes aún no conocen el concepto, un loft, es una vivienda de diseño original, cuya estructura básica es amplia, con numerosos espacios abiertos y pocas divisiones e incluso puertas. Aunque su origen es reciente, la idea de habitar en un loft de lujo en Barcelona se hace cada vez más popular entre las personas. 

Se trata de una alternativa para quienes desean independizarse y tener un espacio que aproveche notablemente la luz natural, sea amplio y con grandes ventanales. Quienes viven en ellos, reconocen las ventajas de habitar en un espacio tan adecuado. 

Por esta razón, vamos a compartir las principales ventajas de vivir en un loft de lujo en Barcelona. Si estás buscando un lugar para vivir, posiblemente querrás conocer esta interesante opción.  

Gran cantidad de luz natural

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Three candidates vie for at-large seat on Portland school board

Three candidates are vying for an at-large seat on the Portland Board of Public Education, with two of the three saying the issue of police in schools was a motivating factor in why they’re running.

The election to be held Nov. 3 includes Nyalat Biliew, a Deering High School alum and recent graduate of the University of Southern Maine; Stacey Hang, a school nurse with two children in Portland schools; and Yusuf Yusuf, a mental health case manager who has worked with Portland students and their families.

The three are competing to replace Mark Balfantz, who is not seeking re-election after serving one term. Candidates in all three contested school board elections this cycle have cited the school resource officer issue that came before the board this past year as a reason they’re running.

Nyalat Biliew Submitted photo

Biliew, 25, is a first-generation immigrant who was born in Ethiopia

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Fear of mass teacher retirements due to COVID-19 may have been overblown

Jan Robertson has taught “pretty much everything” over the past 40 years: outdoor education, science, and teacher coaching.

But the coronavirus pandemic has meant Robertson, like colleagues across the country, has had to weigh whether to prioritize her health or the job of her dreams. After being told she would probably be teaching in a classroom in the fall, she made the “heart-wrenching” decision to leave her job as a science instructional coach at a Northern California school district. 

At 64, she “did not want to return to a classroom where I am old enough that I’m in that list of (high-risk factors),” she said.

Robertson isn’t alone in feeling boxed into a decision – one-third of teachers told Education Week in July they were somewhat or very likely to leave their job this year, compared with just 8{13aab5633489a05526ae1065595c074aeca3e93df6390063fabaebff206207ec} who leave the profession in a typical year. 

But while

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Applying artificial intelligence to science education

A new review published in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching highlights the potential of machine learning–a subset of artificial intelligence–in science education. Although the authors initiated their review before the COVID-19 outbreak, the pandemic highlights the need to examine cutting-edge digital technologies as we re-think the future of teaching and learning.

Based on a review of 47 studies, investigators developed a framework to conceptualize machine learning applications in science assessment. The article aims to examine how machine learning has revolutionized the capacity of science assessment in terms of tapping into complex constructs, improving assessment functionality, and facilitating scoring automaticity.

Based on their investigation, the researchers identified various ways in which machine learning has transformed traditional science assessment, as well as anticipated impacts that it will likely have in the future (such as providing personalized science learning and changing the process of educational decision-making).

“Machine learning is increasingly

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