What is the best natural stone for a kitchen?

Natural stone is an excellent material to install on your refitted kitchen worktop. It is one of the most sought after choices of kitchen surfaces. In fact, when most clients are designing their dream kitchen, they request for natural stone. Thanks to its low maintenance nature and distinct features, natural stone is certainly a unique and elegant material used by many professional kitchen fitters, like Zen Stone. However, many homeowners often have trouble deciding which natural stone best suits their kitchen. While stones like marble, granite, and limestone may seem to very subtle differences at first, they start to become more apparent when you are in the process of designing your perfect kitchen.

Why natural?
You may be wondering why should I even consider natural stone in the first place? Admittedly, the pros of artificial stones, such as Dekton and quartz, are appealing. Such surfaces not only ooze elegance … Read More

What is the Current Impact of COVID-19 on Construction and Engineering Projects

What is the Current Impact of COVID-19?

The effect that COVID-19 is having on the construction industry is massive, yet the legal implications are different depending on where you live and what contract you are working on. When it comes to the contractual side of things, a lot of focus is currently being placed on the working of standard forms, for example, FIDIC and NEC (if you want more information on his topic, see our Client Alert). The more that the COVID-19 situation develops, the more issues that are coming to the surface.

Currently, COVID-19 could not be said to be completely rendering projects impossible to finish. However, the rate at which they can be completed is certainly slower, meaning that delays are happening, even when they are only being caused by the fact that supply chains for things like construction props have been disrupted to a large degree. A … Read More

5 Ways the Coronavirus will Affect the Connectivity and Tech Industry in 2020

Global supply chains were disrupted when the coronavirus first appeared in China, but as this has grown into a global pandemic affecting nearly 120 countries and with over 125,000 deaths recorded, it is becoming less predictable and more far-reaching than anyone could have ever thought.

At a seminal conference by the Mobile World Congress, this was one of the first places where Keynote speakers and industry conferences were cancelled in an attempt to contain the spread of this virus. Employees were then asked by many companies to work remotely, using IoT billing services, and this led to delayed or missed partnerships, opportunities and initiatives.

Technology and telecommunication industries discovered opportunities that were related to keeping people safe, which included helping companies that were using videoconferencing technology, making it much broader so that accurate information could be disseminated about the virus and help combat this pandemic, which has very rapidly … Read More

How a Lack of Migrant Workers Could Prevent an Infrastructure Boom

While a number of industries will be impacted if the government followings through on denying low-skilled worker visas, the construction industry may bear the brunt of the impact.

This industry has been dependent on labour from migrants since the downturn caused by the previous recession. Many construction projects were downsized during this time, and due to a lack of work, many domestic workers opted to leave the industry behind. When business returned, there was a skill shortage in the workforce, and migrant workers were able to fill those gaps. This is backed up by data from the Office for National Statistics. 8% of the construction workforce in the UK consists of EU nationals. In London, that figure rises to 28% of the workforce.

Having access to foreign workers has also helped the industry to hold strong in spite of a lack of apprentices. The Construction Industry Training Board estimates … Read More