Applying artificial intelligence to science education

A new review published in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching highlights the potential of machine learning–a subset of artificial intelligence–in science education. Although the authors initiated their review before the COVID-19 outbreak, the pandemic highlights the need to examine cutting-edge digital technologies as we re-think the future of teaching and learning.

Based on a review of 47 studies, investigators developed a framework to conceptualize machine learning applications in science assessment. The article aims to examine how machine learning has revolutionized the capacity of science assessment in terms of tapping into complex constructs, improving assessment functionality, and facilitating scoring automaticity.

Based on their investigation, the researchers identified various ways in which machine learning has transformed traditional science assessment, as well as anticipated impacts that it will likely have in the future (such as providing personalized science learning and changing the process of educational decision-making).

“Machine learning is increasingly

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Best UK Mountains to do a bike trip

15 of Britain's best scenic bike rides | Boundless by CSMAIf riding bikes on the mountain is an activity that appeals to you, then you should plan to climb some of the best mountains for biking in the UK. Depending on your level of mastery and your idea of adventure and fun, you might be looking for the riskier paths or the safe parts. Fortunately, there are many mountains you can bike on that can meet your idea of the ideal mountain bike track. Here are some of the best UK mountains to do a bike trip.

Helvellyn and Sticks Pass, Lake District
If you are looking for a dramatic start, then you would enjoy that when you start your biking from one Lake District’s largest lake. You can then look up at the mountains and thrust your way to the sky starting from abruptly from the lake. The Helvellyn is reputed to rank third in terms of height among … Read More