Logic And Reasoning Are Not Enough When It Comes To Science

Throughout history, there have been two main ways humanity has attempted to gain knowledge about the world: top-down, where we start with certain principles and demand logical self-consistency, and bottom-up, where we obtain empirical information about the Universe and then synthesize it together into a larger, self-consistent framework. The top-down approach is often credited to Plato and is known as a priori reasoning, with everything being derivable as long as you have an accurate set of postulates. The bottom-up approach, contrariwise, is attributed to Plato’s successor and great rival, Aristotle, and is known as

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A Science Fictional Domestic Thriller: The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey

As her scientific career is climbing to fresh heights, Doctor Evelyn Caldwell finds out that her husband, Nathan, has been cheating on her—but not with a colleague. Instead, he’s hijacked her cloning research to create an ideal replacement wife from Evelyn’s own genetic material: Martine. She’s almost identical to Evelyn in appearance, but Nathan has altered her to be more subservient, family-oriented, and attentive to his needs. However, the real problems start when Martine calls Evelyn in a panic after killing Nathan in self-defense… and Evelyn decides to help with the cover-up.

The Echo Wife is a phenomenal, creepy, significant novel—but it’s a hard read, and wrestling with its implications is harder. The twisting, remorseless plot seamlessly combines domestic thriller with cutting-edge science fiction, dragging the reader along as the Caldwells’ secrets are unearthed one at a time. Sarah Gailey’s incisive prose lends to the suffocating atmosphere that pervades the

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12 Free Educational Games for Kids

Educational games are a great way to supplement your child’s learning, especially when they feature familiar characters and fun activities. Make the most of screen time at home with these free websites and apps.

Lego Games

Photo Credit: Lego Games

Lego has an entire section of their website filled with free games where kids can digitally build, race and match with popular Lego brands like Star Wars, Duplo and Batman. Lego also has several free apps available on mobile.

Nick Jr.

Photo Credit: Nick Jr.

Preschoolers will love the variety of games offered on Nick Jr.’s website, from making music with Dora and Boots to solving puzzles with the crew from Paw Patrol.

Fun Brain and Fun Brain Jr.

Photo Credit: Fun Brain

Fun Brain Jr. has both a website and an app filled with math and reading activities geared towards preschoolers. Explore games like Shape Shack, Letter Splash, Rhyme

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AIOps leader ScienceLogic gets $105M in late-stage funding

ScienceLogic Inc., a startup using artificial intelligence for managing information technology operations, said today it has raised $105 million in growth financing.

The Series E round was led by Silver Lake Waterman, with participation from existing investors Goldman Sachs, Intel Capital and NewView Capital. It brings the company’s total funding raised to $214 million.

“It’s a watershed moment for the company,” ScienceLogic founder and Chief Executive Dave Link (pictured) told SiliconANGLE. “This investment is essentially pouring gas on what we’re doing.”

Founded in 2003, ScienceLogic has emerged as one of the leading players in the AIOps market. AIOps is a phrase that was first coined by Gartner Inc. in 2017 to describe how information in IT environments could be potentially managed through automation.

It’s essentially a bid to replace current IT operations management point tools with a broader platform built for hybrid cloud environments from the ground up. ScienceLogic

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