Smart Education Market Leading 10 Key-Players Revenue, Shares, Sales and Forecasts Till 2025 | COVID19 Impact Analysis

The report focuses on the global Smart Education Market status, future opportunities, growth analysis, key drivers, and top players. The study objectives are to present the Smart Education development in United States, Europe, and China.

Smart Education Market  provides a detailed market overview of the industry including definitions, classifications, applications, challenges, competitive scenario,s and industry chain structure. The report also analyzes the Smart Education Market verticals and horizontals, Market Size, and CAGR comparison by region.

The Global Smart Education Market is poised to grow strong during the forecast period 2017 to 2026. Smart Education market is the definitive study of the global Smart Education industry. The report content includes technology, industry drivers, geographic trends, market statistics, market forecasts, producers, and raw material/equipment suppliers.

If you are planning to invest into new products or trying to understand this growing market, this report is your starting point. 
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ScienceLogic raises $105 million to grow its AIOps platform

ScienceLogic, a startup developing an AIOps and IT infrastructure monitoring platform, today announced that it raised $105 million. The company says the investment will support its continued growth in the AIOps market and further broaden ScienceLogic’s position within the IT operations management industry.

AIOps, short for AI for IT operations, is a category of products that enhance IT by leveraging AI to analyze data from tools and devices. Research and Markets anticipates it’ll be a $14.3 billion market by 2025. That might be a conservative projection in light of the pandemic, which is forcing IT teams to increasingly conduct their work remotely. In lieu of access to infrastructure, AIOps solutions could help prevent major outages, the cost of which a study from Aberdeen Research pegged at $260,000 per hour.

Reston, Virginia-based ScienceLogic, which was founded in 2003, uses AI-driven techniques to discover technologies and vendors across physical, virtual, and

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A powerful, pocket-sized optical imager, no longer science fiction

A powerful, pocket-sized optical imager, no longer science fiction
Thomas O’Sullivan, assistant professor of electrical engineering, and Ola Abdalsalam, Ph.D. student. Credit: University of Notre Dame

Before Wilhelm Röntgen, a mechanical engineer, discovered a new type of electromagnetic radiation in 1895, physicians could only dream of being able to see inside the body. Within a year of Röntgen’s discovery, X-rays were being used to identify tumors. Within 10 years, hospitals were using X-rays to help diagnose and treat patients.

In 1972, computed tomography (CT) scans were developed. In the 1980s, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology became commercially available.

Today, engineers like Thomas O’Sullivan, assistant professor of electrical engineering at the University of Notre Dame, continue the quest to improve the quality of medical diagnosis and treatment using near-infrared optical imaging.

O’Sullivan and his team are developing a powerful, pocket-sized optical imager that may once have seemed like the stuff of science fiction.

“When envisioning medicine of the future, many

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Strategy game Survival Z unleashes the undead on Apple Arcade


Take on zombies as you try to find other survivors during the apocalypse.


Apple Arcade on Friday added Survival Z from Ember Entertainment to its continuously growing catalog of games. In a world crippled by a zombie outbreak, you must survive using all the resources available to you. You can try your hand at Survival Z this weekend across iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch and Apple TV. 

Survival Z is a tower-defense type of game, with 50 levels. Its map offers multiple routes for a more replayable game. You play as Megan, a loner mechanic who’s savvy with a crossbow. When she meets Marcus, another survivor with intel on a diner potentially stocked with supplies, the pair head off on a journey, salvaging and upgrading equipment and battling waves of zombies along the way. 


Shelby Brown/CNET
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