Five Recent Books for Fans of Old-Fashioned SF Adventure

I like fantasy well enough, but what warms is science fiction. Preferably with rockets. Brobdinagian space battles (or at least the potential for same) are also a plus.

Here are a few recent novels that scratch that old-fashioned itch.


In the Black by Patrick S. Tomlinson (2020)

The Intersection War ended in stalemate and negotiated peace. In the seventy-five years since, neither humans nor alien Xre have seen fit to challenge that peace. Still, trust but verify (as the proverb goes): the Combined Corporate Defense Fleet exists to monitor any Xre feints toward human-controlled systems. The good ship CCDF Ansari has been assigned to the 82 Eridani system, where it watches over a net of sensor units monitoring for alien incursion.

Sensor drones go offline and Ansari double-checks the system; it finds a Xre vessel lurking just outside the formal border between human territory and interstellar space. The Xre are

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Study Analyzes Motivations of Female Candidates Seeking Graduate Management Education

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, 60% of graduate management education programs experienced a rise in female candidate applications in 2020. Comparably, in 2019, only 41% of programs did, according to a recent Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) study.

Part of the “ Prospective Students Survey,” which included responses from over 1,000 participants from July to December, analyzed the motivations and career aspirations of female candidates pursuing a graduate management education on both a local and international scale. Looking specifically at female candidates, the data was divided into study destinations and program types.

“We at GMAC are highly committed to not only helping the schools and all stakeholders understand the diversity of our candidates, but also offer tools and resources which can help bridge that gap,” said Dr. Rahul Choudaha, director of industry insights and research communications at GMAC.

The focus on career advancement

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Nearly 90% of esports scholarships going to men

Colleges and universities rushing to invest in the booming arena of varsity esports are overwhelmingly committing opportunities and scholarships to male players, according to data collected by The Associated Press.

Male gamers held 90.4% of roster spots and received 88.5% of scholarship funds in a sample of 27 public American schools surveyed by the AP during this school year. The glaring gender disparity exists even though 41% of U.S. gamers are female, according to the Entertainment Software Association, and in a realm where — unlike traditional sports — there are no physical barriers separating male and female competitors.

“It’s tremendously sad and tremendously not surprising,” said Grace Collins, an expert on gaming, education and gender.

The AP requested roster and scholarship data from 56 public U.S. schools identified among the 192 participants in the National Association of Collegiate Esports, relying largely on public records requests.

Several schools responded that

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