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Perseverance Martian landing point named after Octavia E Butler | Science fiction books

“Mars is a rock – cold, empty, almost airless, dead. Yet it’s heaven in a way,” Octavia E Butler wrote in her acclaimed novel Parable of the Sower. Decades later, Nasa has informally named the touchdown site of the Mars rover Perseverance after the late science fiction novelist.

Nasa said there was “no better person” to mark the landing site than Butler. “Her guiding principle, ‘When using science, do so accurately,’ is what the science team at Nasa is all about. Her work continues to inspire today’s scientists and engineers across the globe – all in the name of a bolder, more equitable future for all,” said Nasa’s Thomas Zurbuchen.

Butler, the first African American woman to win both the Hugo and Nebula awards, and the first sci-fi writer honoured with a MacArthur “genius” grant, is the author of novels including Kindred Bloodchild, as well as the remarkably prescient 1993

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Simaero’s Online Learning Management System Successfully Obtains EASA Approval

Simaero announced that its Online Learning Management System (“OLMS”) has been successfully approved by French DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile / French General Directorate for Civil Aviation), and thus by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

Simaero’s OLMS provides a full range of theoretical courses such as type rating programs. It includes computer-based training for aircraft systems as well as typical ground course content normally presented in a classroom with an instructor, such as Mass and Balance, Limitations, Performances and normal and abnormal standard operations procedures. Special modules for Low visibility, Upset Recovery, Performance Based Navigation are available as well.

This innovative concept in the pilot training industry was initiated in order to provide clients from all around the world with an efficient solution to continue pilots’ training during the global pandemic as well as to offer a modern and cost-effective tool to deliver theoretical instruction.

“During global COVID pandemic

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