Art Meets Science at Athens Science Festival | various , video

ATHENS — What does artificial intelligence have in common with jazz music? How did the Covid-19 pandemic affect creativity and experimentation? Can robots develop artistic tendencies? Are science and art two unrelated worlds, or do they complete each other?

We tend to associate science with logic, objectivity and rules, and art with imagination, subjectivity and freedom. However, if we take a closer look, we realise that these two worlds do not oppose each other, but they are indeed complementary. 

This year, Athens Science Festival will attempt to explore and highlight that complementarity between art and science. From March 27th to 29th, 2021, ASF returns, online and in live broadcast from Technopolis City of Athens, to introduce us to “An era of Heroes”. Through exciting live talks and innovative digital events, the largest science festival in Greece will present the latest developments in the relationship between science and art by asking

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Microsoft Mesh is a holographic communication platform straight from science fiction

Microsoft announced last month that the keynote for its annual Ignite conference would be a little different this year, but the company gave little warning of quite how different.

Held over virtual reality platform AltspaceVR, the event offered a glimpse into Microsoft’s vision for the future of communication that was as nightmarish as it was compelling. 

The event showcased everything that is terrible about extended reality (XR), from technical mishaps to gimmicky set pieces. But it was also a reminder, as video conferencing fatigue reaches new heights, that we’re just at the start of the remote collaboration revolution.

If Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is to be believed, the “interweaving of digital bits and physical atoms” will make communicating from afar an entirely different proposition in years to come.

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Microsoft Mesh

Microsoft Ignite keynote (Image credit: Future / Joel Khalili)
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Microsoft Mesh

Microsoft Ignite keynote (Image credit:
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Strategic Education, Inc. Publishes 2020 Annual Report and Letter to Shareholders

HERNDON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Strategic Education, Inc. (Strategic Education) (NASDAQ: STRA) today announced that the Company has published its 2020 Annual Report and Letter to Shareholders, which is now available for viewing on the website at in the Investor Relations section.

About Strategic Education, Inc.

Strategic Education, Inc. (NASDAQ: STRA) ( is dedicated to helping advance economic mobility through higher education. We serve working adult students all over the globe through our core focus areas: 1) U.S. Higher Education, through Strayer University and Capella University, each institutionally accredited, and collectively offer flexible and affordable associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs including the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University; 2) Alternative Learning, encompassing Sophia Learning, self-paced general education courses that are ACE-recommended for college credit; Workforce Edge, a full service, online employee education management portal; Digital Enablement Partnerships, helping advance capabilities in course development, online

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HARRISBURG, PA – The Pennsylvania Game Commission’s virtual wildlife education program, Wildlife on WiFi (WoW), has been named the recipient of the 2021 Outstanding Environmental Education Program Award by the Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators (PAEE). The purpose of the award is to recognize an exemplary or innovative environmental education program which serves as a model of excellence for educators throughout Pennsylvania.

The Game Commission’s Wildlife on WiFi at-home and virtual learning program was designed and launched in April 2020 to ensure the agency continued meeting its strategic objective of serving the Pennsylvania public and providing educational services during the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders and state school closures. It is available online at

“What started as an initiative to ensure Pennsylvania’s students, educators and parents had virtual wildlife educational tools available at their fingertips has led to a successful, permanent wildlife education program,” said Game Commission Executive Director

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