Tackling an ‘ableist’ culture in research

David Payne: 00:04

Hello, I’m David Payne, careers editor at Nature. And this is Working Scientist, a Nature Careers podcast. In this seven-part series, Science diversified, we’re exploring how the scientific enterprise truly benefits when you have a team of researchers from a broad range of backgrounds, disciplines and skillsets. In this last episode, we focus on disability and science. We meet two scientists with first-hand experience of what they describe as an ableist culture in academia, a system designed for fully fit and healthy people but has little to account for those who fall outside those parameters. What can be done about it?

Naheda Sahtout: 00:44

So this is something I was born with. I’m been born with a visual impairment, and it hasn’t been specifically diagnosed as to what it is. There’s tests that have been done, have indicated whereabouts it might be. And I can’t remember,

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Here Are The Best Science Fiction And Fantasy Books Coming Out This Spring

MCD; Tor Teen; HarperTeen; Harper Voyager; Erewhon; Tor

VanderMeer weaves an ecological thriller set in a dystopian landscape defined by climate change and corporate greed with his trademark complexity and inventiveness. In her investigation of famed ecoterrorist Silvina’s murder, security consultant “Jane Smith” discovers a series of taxidermied animals, including a hummingbird and a salamander, as clues. But by investigating Silvina’s murder, she puts her family at risk. Much like in the

Southern Reach

trilogy, VanderMeer’s writing is claustrophobic and immersive, with clues within clues and plots within subplots for readers to untangle.

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Aliens brought Tina, then an infant, to her adoptive human mother. They told her mother that one day Tina’s internal beacon would alight and they would come back for her. Now Tina is a teenager, and she’s begun to have flashbacks

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Duxbury football coach fired over team’s use of anti-Semitic terms in recent game

In addition to losing his coaching position, Maimaron has been placed on administrative leave from his position teaching special education at the school, according to Ellis Strategies, a public relations firm working with the town’s school district.

The status of Maimaron’s assistant coaches is also under review, according to Antonucci.

Calls for an investigation began earlier this week, when Duxbury High officials acknowledged that the school’s football players called audibles — last-second play changes at the line of scrimmage — during a March 12 game by using terms such as “Auschwitz,” “rabbi,” and “dreidel.” Officials from the opposing school, Plymouth North, notified Duxbury authorities afterward about the offensive terms.

In Duxbury on Wednesday, residents expressed a range of reactions to the controversy. Some said they were appalled by the team’s behavior and supported the firing of Maimaron. But others in the South Shore town, including those who personally knew the

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