Leonard Nimoy to be honored with ‘Live Long and Prosper’ monument

Actor Leonard Nimoy’s character, Mr. Spock, is a celebrated part of American pop culture, and soon a 20-foot, illuminated sculpture will memorialize Spock’s “Live long and prosper” hand gesture, and the subtle message behind it.

The 20-foot, illuminated, stainless steel monument shaped in the famous “Live Long and Prosper” hand gesture will be located in front of the Museum, at Science Park, welcoming visitors and Star Trek fans from around the world.
Graphic via Business Wire

The original Star Trek sci-fi television show only lasted for three seasons, but Mr. Spock, played by Nimoy, became legendary for his Vulcan dedication to logic and for the phrase, “Live long and prosper.” It was Nimoy himself who came up with the V-shaped hand gesture that accompanied the salutation, inspired by an ancient blessing preformed in his childhood synagogue.

Boston’s Museum of Science, in collaboration with Nimoy’s family and artist David

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Tencent leads the new-normal Smart Education era via Tencent Cloud Online Education Solutions

Tencent leads the new-normal Smart Education era via Tencent Cloud Online Education Solutions

The arrival of Covid-19 has given rise to a number of challenges that are the natural result of efforts to control the pandemic. Much affected by these measures has been the operation of Thai education, due to the limit of capability and efficiency of online education as well as technological inequality between more well-off institutions in bigger cities and their counterparts in remote areas.

Nearly 13 million students and 600,000 teachers have been forced to stay on pause. Also, in remote area, access to learning materials were uneven and new solutions were needed to ensure students in remote areas do not fall behind.

Attempting to reduce the gaps, Mr. Chang Foo, Chief Operating Officer of Tencent (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Tencent), a leading provider of entertainment platforms and world-class technology solutions in today’s Smart Education

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Previously thought to be science fiction, a planet in a triple-star system has been discovered

KOI-5Ab is a newly discovered planet in a triple-star system. It is a great example of the kind of astonishing discoveries that result from co-operation between large teams of astronomers using different types of telescopes and observation techniques.

There is a stereotype that “lone genius” scientists make discoveries without any help from others. This is propagated by the prestigious Nobel Prize, which is awarded to at most two or three scientists at a time.

But major discoveries, particularly in the fields of astronomy and physics, are increasingly achieved by teams of dozens or even hundreds of scientists combining data from multiple experiments and observation techniques.

How to find an exoplanet

One of the fastest-growing areas of astronomy research is the study of planets in other solar systems, called exoplanets. As of this writing, 4,367 exoplanets have been discovered. Trying to observe an exoplanet orbiting around a distant star is

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SUNY Potsdam names new vice president for enrollment management | Education

POTSDAM — SUNY Potsdam has named Patrick Quinn as the College’s new vice president for enrollment management, following a nationwide search.

“I was drawn to SUNY Potsdam because I am impressed with its commitment to community, diversity and inclusion. As a regional public institution, in an area rich in natural beauty, it is a great place for students to explore many opportunities, both on and off campus,” Quinn said in a prepared statement from the college.

Quinn holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in school counseling from St. John’s University. His extensive experience in enrollment management includes leadership roles at both public and private higher education institutions. He comes to Potsdam following a series of interim positions leading enrollment management at five different institutions, including Marlboro College, Bloomfield College, the University of Bridgeport, Hilbert College and most recently, Bay State

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