The truth about Christ lies in contradiction, philosopher finds

While the quest to explain how Christ can be both fully human and fully divine enjoys a long, fascinating history, Jc Beall, the O’Neill Family Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, believes that the quest should end.

Beall is an expert in logic, the philosophy of logic and especially nonstandard (or “deviant”) logic, and his most recent work explores longstanding problems in philosophy of religion.

In his newest research, “The Contradictory Christ,” Beall argues that instead of trying to get around the apparent contradiction of the incarnation, Christian thinkers should accept what many thinkers have long charged: at the very crux of the Christian theory lies a contradiction.

“I believe that Christ is a contradictory being, and that all Christian thinkers should accept that Christ is a being of whom some claims are both true and false,” Beall said.

According to Beall, orthodox work on

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Muriel Jaeger, a trailblazing science fiction author, deserves a new look

Consider, for example, “The Question Mark” and “The Man With Six Senses,” both by Muriel Jaeger. Originally published in 1926 and 1927 by Leonard and Virginia Woolf’s Hogarth Press, the two novels are H.G. Wellsian works of technological, political and social extrapolation. The first depicts a socialist utopia of the 22nd century, and the second tracks the life of a flawed “superman” and the effect of his powers on himself and those closest to him. In both, action is subordinated to argument, as the characters converse about society, class, sex and marriage, religious belief and human evolution.

Such high-minded discourse fits with Jaeger’s intellectual background. Born in 1892, she became one of the first graduates of Somerville, Oxford’s famous women’s college, where she was a close friend of Dorothy L. Sayers (who dedicated her first Peter Wimsey mystery, “Whose Body?,” to Jaeger). Though she

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Quinnipiac U To Host Global Asset Management Education X Forum

Hamden, CT – Internationally renowned finance experts will discuss the issues facing investment professionals in the global financial markets and share best practices in investment management at Quinnipiac University’s annual Global Asset Management Education (GAME) X Forum, March 25-26.

GAME, the largest student-run financial conference in the world, offers participants the rarest of opportunities — to discuss and debate financial best practices with world-renowned industry leaders. Members of the general public are also invited to attend.

The virtual forum will feature over 60 speakers from more than 50 companies taking part in 17 sessions. The speakers will discuss global markets, corporate governance, the global economy and global investment strategy.

The keynote speakers will include Jimmy Chang, chief investment officer, Rockefeller Global Family Office; Ethan Harris, head of global economics research, Bank of America; David Kelly, chief global strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management; Catherine Mann, global chief economist, Citigroup; Lisa

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Where NC Education Lottery Money goes and who makes the decisions

The Education Lottery now raises more than $725 million a year to support education programs in North Carolina.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — For the last 15 years, the North Carolina Education lottery has raised $8 billion for education programs. The NC Education Lottery started on March 30, 2006. 

The lottery raises $2 million each day on average for education. 

Since the lottery began: 

  • About 95 cents of every dollar spent on a lottery ticket cycles back into the state’s economy as either a prize, earnings for education, or a sales commission to a retailer.
  • The most popular games are instant games with a total of 762 different scratch-off tickets so far.
  • The lottery holds the highest level of responsible gaming certification recognized internationally and was the 4th U.S. lottery and the youngest at that time to meet the requirements for the certification.
  • Total prizes won add up to an estimated $18
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