Space mining is not science fiction, and Canada could figure prominently

In this era of climate crisis, space mining is a topic of increasing relevance. The need for a net-zero carbon economy requires a surge in the supply of non-renewable natural resources such as battery metals. This forms the background to a new space race involving nations and the private sector.

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How business is taking the space race to new frontiers

Canada is a space-faring nation, a world leader in mining and a major player in the global carbon economy. It’s therefore well-positioned to actively participate in the emerging space resources domain.

But the issues arising in this sphere are bigger than Canada, since they involve the future of mankind — on Earth and in space.

A rocket ship lifts off with clouds of smoke in the foreground.
A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket lifts off at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in July in Cape Canaveral, Fla. The mission sent a Mars rover to the
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What have we learned during the pandemic in high school sports?

We are excited about a potential full return to competition this fall for high school athletics and performing arts programs. With the expectation that a majority of adults will have received the COVID-19 vaccine, and perhaps many young people, there is a hope that all states will be able to return to “normalcy” when schools open this fall.

While there is great optimism about having students back in their favorite sport or activity, and fans back to support these student participants, we must be careful not to forget what we have learned during this unprecedented pandemic. The struggles we have faced over the past year have reminded us of many significant aspects of participation in sports and performing arts activities.

So, what must we remember?

The Importance of Participation. Participation in high school activity programs provides students many benefits beyond what they

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