Debilitating foot condition healed –

My job often requires a lot of walking and standing. So when a foot problem made it difficult for me to bear weight for long periods, I tended to just plow through the pain and keep going. It wasn’t until two years later that a friend working in medicine noticed my difficulty, diagnosed it, and recommended I follow a regime of physical therapy and probable surgery. That woke me up to what an imposition the condition had been in my life.

Having successfully relied on Christian Science for healing since childhood, I was confident that this condition could be healed through turning to God. And while expectant of a physical healing, I was also eager to know God and myself better as a result of taking this approach. What I consider one of the spectacular effects of prayer in Christian Science is that it often leads to discovering things about

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Smart Talk: Byrnes Health Education Center hits milestone

Health education in the community and in partnership with families

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