Realization of a multinode quantum network of remote solid-state qubits

A three-node quantum network

Future quantum networks will provide the means to develop truly secure communication channels and will have applications in many other quantum-based technologies. Pompili et al. present a three-node remote quantum network based on solid-state spin qubits (nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond) coupled by photons. The implementation of two quantum protocols on the network. entanglement distribution and entanglement swapping, illustrates a key platform for exploring, testing, and developing multinode quantum networks and quantum protocols.

Science, this issue p. 259


The distribution of entangled states across the nodes of a future quantum internet will unlock fundamentally new technologies. Here, we report on the realization of a three-node entanglement-based quantum network. We combine remote quantum nodes based on diamond communication qubits into a scalable phase-stabilized architecture, supplemented with a robust memory qubit and local quantum logic. In addition, we achieve real-time communication and feed-forward gate operations across the

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APAC, Europe, America region to materialize major revenue contributor for Smart Education & Learning market through 2026

Date: 2021-04-22  
Author: Ashwin Naphade 
Category: #news

Smart Education & Learning market report, inclusive of Covid-19 impact analysis, evaluates business status and potential of major regions from the perspective of key players, and application/end-user industries.

The research report on Smart Education & Learning market offers insights on the major trends shaping the industry growth over the forecast duration, together with the regulatory outlook across the various geographies. The impact of the prevailing trends as well as the top challenges influencing the revenue graph of the industry are also analyzed. Further, the competitive landscape and supply chain of the industry are thoroughly discussed.

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Additionally, the report accounts for the latest updates on the current market scenario to put together a pre and post COVID-19 analysis of this business sphere.

An overview of the competitive landscape of the Smart Education

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Voyages of Hope and Anguish: New Science Fiction and Fantasy

In Karin Tidbeck’s THE MEMORY THEATER (Pantheon, 240 pp., $25.95), Dora and Thistle are children surviving together in a timeless place called the Gardens, where horrifically cruel lords and ladies live in an eternal twilight and torture their stolen child servants for sport before eventually killing and eating them. Thistle is trapped there by the theft of his name; Dora is trapped by a bad bargain and her devotion to Thistle. They love and protect each other like siblings, as best they can. But one day Thistle’s mistress — the especially vicious Augusta Prima — finds a timepiece in the woods, and sets off a chain of events that will see her and the children tumbling through realms and ever stranger stories.

“The Memory Theater” is exquisite and astonishing. The prose has a sculpted precision, every sentence both tense as a watch spring and serene as a mountain. Tidbeck skips

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Online Education Management System Market Conditions and Outlook, Forecast 2021 to 2026 Quizworks B.V., 360Learning Engagement Platform,, Adobe

Latest released the research study on Global Online Education Management System Market 2021 Published by Apex Market research covers comprehensive analysis of business trends and upcoming market growth outlooks by 2026

Global Online Education Management System Market Report Overview:The report covers various critical market information such as market size, growth rates, forecasts in key regional and country markets along with growth opportunities in related niche market segments. The information included in the report is made with rigorous primary and secondary research and demonstrated research techniques.

The report gives the most up-to-date industry statistics in the real marketplace situation and outlook in the Online Education Management System market. The report contains a granular evaluation of the present industry conditions, market demands, reveal facts on the market size, revenues, and provides forecasts through 2026The report offers information about the regions in the market, which is further divided into sub-regions and countries.In

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