The mystical world of Kabbalah: The Zohar | Brazos Life

According to Kabbalistic tradition, the Almighty handed the Zohar to Moses at Mount Sinai, and it remained in an oral state until in the second century. It was at that time that Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai transformed it from the oral state into its written state. Many scholars believe that the Spanish Kabbalist Moshe de Leon, some 1,100 years later, actually wrote the Zohar and then back-credited the work to Shimon be Yochai. If this is true, then we might call the Zohar a “plagiarism in reverse.”

According to Kabbalistic tradition, not everyone can study the Zohar. The mystics tell us that its readers are to be married men over the age of 40. To add to its mystic, these men are to study the Zohar only late at night. Despite these prohibitions, and the fact that translation is extremely difficult, many modern bookstores sell the Zohar, or parts of

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11 astonishing sci-fi shows and movies you can’t miss

The undead truly never die, and the onslaught of zombie hordes hitting Netflix this May is (un)living proof of that. It’s the first time zombies have infected Netflix this much since September 2020!

You could watch The Walking Dead, Daybreak, Black Summer, or a litany of other zombie shows and movies — or you could instead follow our carefully curated list that also incorporates a mix of the most important bits of science fiction this month.

If you find yourself hungering for a taste of tomorrow this May, sink your teeth into these 11 science fiction shows and movies, with special attention given to some options that explore post-apocalyptic fiction and zombies. However, it’s not all flesh-eating ghouls! We’ll always focus on what’s new, original, or leaving Netflix soon.

The Mitchells vs. The Machines is a family road trip gone horribly wrong.Netflix

From producers Phil

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Featured Austin Companies of the Month


Big business moves and product releases might have slowed down for some companies over the last year, but the Austin tech scene remains steady. With the number of people in the state capital projected to rise to over 2 million in 2021, thanks in part to the thriving local tech scene, industry roles are growing faster than the bluebonnets starting to line the highways.

As temperatures begin climbing to uncomfortable heights and people start breaking out their paddle boards on Lady Bird Lake, these three companies are finding their cool in the new quarter. Built In Austin broke down who they are, what they’ve been up to and why their team members stay loyal.

See something you like? A couple of these companies are currently hiring.


What they do: Liquibase creates database automation software for the systems management market in order to speed up database releases for software development

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Special Olympics games commence at St. Clair High School | Local News

Hayley Schroeder, a St. Clair High School junior, was going for the gold at the St. Clair High School Student Council Special Olympics Friday.

For the past two months, she and her classmates have spent an hour every day running laps on the track or practicing their pitches on the softball field. For the past eight months, they have sold coffee and snacks to teachers, using the proceeds to fund their team’s shirts, transport and more.

On April 23, the games began. 

A total of 27 athletes from St. Clair R-XIII School District faced off against about 25 Sullivan School District and Franklin County Special Education Cooperative students at the high school track.

“The eyes are on them, and now they’re the stars of the school,” said high school paraprofessional Travis Johnson. He also is the St. Clair Special Olympics, assistant football and girls basketball coach.

The students competed in

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