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While discussing Wahiduddin we cannot escape his forays into the realm of the war between religion and science. His book ‘Mazhab aur Science’ – first published in 1971 as a special issue of the weekly ‘Al-Jamiaa’ in Delhi – has seen multiple reprints. Dr Farida Khanam translated this book into English which Darul Ishaat published in Karachi.

Religion and science became a recurring theme in Maulana Wahiduddin’s writings, in which he mostly discussed the ideological aspects of the two schools of thought. Since his own ideas were strongly tinged with a faith-based thinking pattern, it reflected in his discourse. He strongly believed that the teachings of religion were not abstract but grounded in the ‘eternal truths of the universe’; and the only way to salvation was through ‘reconciling ourselves with these truths’. “We can never deny these truths, nor can we be impartial. Without this reconciliation, any other attitude will

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Apple TV+ scores science fiction movie Finch starring Tom Hanks

Apple TV+ will soon be home to Amblin Entertainment movie Finch starring Tom Hanks. The company beat out competitors at what was called a ‘very competitive’ auction for the rights to the movie, which was previously known by the title Bios. The movie will revolve around a robotics engineer who is among few survivors on Earth following a major solar event.

The news comes from Deadline, which reports that Apple plans to release the movie on its streaming service later this year and that it may get time in some theaters to qualify it for potential awards. Finch comes from Amblin Entertainment and, under the original plan, was set for release by Universal.

Tom Hanks will star as a robotics engineer named Finch who, with a small percentage of the population, managed to survive a major solar event. The world is now a wasteland and Finch finds companionship

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Faith and Learning

At ENC, we offer you a different kind of continuing education program. We offer a valuable education infused with the Christian values that are a part of the foundation of our college. This faith-based approach to your education is realized in the classroom and out. Our faculty and staff are committed to both your professional and spiritual growth.

In all of our accelerated degree programs, you’ll examine ethical issues faced in the workplace and develop a solid foundation upon which to make decisions when you encounter moral dilemmas. Dynamic classroom discussions with faculty and the members of your cohort serve to increase your learning and broaden your understanding of a variety of view points.

Contact us today at [email protected] to learn more about Christian adult education at ENC.


Each program prepares students to meet the learning outcomes specific for each program. Since authentic learning is a

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Nevertheless, even the relatively slender obscenity exception serves as a vehicle for abuse by authorities authorities as well as pressure groups who want to impose their personal moral Art And Entertainment views on different people. A museum director was charged with a crime for together with sexually express photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe in an art exhibit.

It’s where execs train for music videos, and where amateurs go for a artistic outlet. The pandemic knocked them down, however dance studios aren’t giving up. I’ve typically said in casual conversation that entertainment is for the oldsters Entertainment who, after they get home from work, must lie down and get their minds off of things. Art is for the folks who, at the end of the day, need to get their eyes and thoughts extra fully engaged and stimulated.

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