The conventional wisdom on how to talk about climate change? It’s wrong.

Faith Kearns thought she knew how to talk about science. In 2008, she was working in a fire center at the University of California, Berkeley, not long after getting her doctorate there. Kearns had already worked in communications for years. Then she spoke at a community fire safety demonstration in Northern California. She and her colleagues followed all the conventional advice about what to say, but something felt off.

After the presentation, a man came up to Kearns, emotional. Listening to them present steps of what he should have done to protect his home from fire had been traumatizing. Just a few months before, wildfires had burned through this small community in Mendocino County. For her audience, the memory was still fresh, the wounds raw.

“I knew those fires that happened, but I didn’t put together that we were going to be talking to people who were directly affected by

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Ukraine to Modernize Higher Education System with World Bank Support

The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved today a $200 million project to support the Government of Ukraine’s efforts to strengthen efficiency, quality, and transparency of the country’s higher education system. The project – Ukraine Improving Higher Education for Results – will help boost the quality of the higher education sector, as well as its relevance to labor market needs, while also promoting resilience and continuity of learning in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project will finance investments in the modernization of teaching and research facilities and digital learning infrastructure of higher education institutions (HEIs) to ensure learning continuity through remote learning modalities and to support resilience and change management over the longer term. It will also support the development of modern digital infrastructure for distance learning and creation of advanced teaching and research laboratories and learning support facilities.

Another objective of this project is to improve

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