Beyond Pulse Partners with SVEXA to Boost Data Metrics Capabilities to Help Coaches and Enlighten Young Athletes | State

PORTLAND, Ore., June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Beyond Pulse (BP), creator of smart wearable educational technology developed to help coaches coach better with the soccer athlete at the center, has announced its partnership with SVEXA (Silicon Valley Exercise Analytics), an innovative exercise intelligence company that combines sports performance, human biology and data science. Beyond Pulse and SVEXA are combining their respective technologies to provide individualized reporting on player performance, recovery, and well-being, which will enhance both the player and coaching experience. 

Our passion is simple – create better coaches

Founded in 2017 and currently serving 400 youth soccer clubs and coaches in the United States with its smart belt technology, BP will integrate a suite of SVEXA products into its existing system starting in August 2021, including individualized metrics that can integrate training load, stress, and recovery to predict Player Readiness of each athlete. That said, BP’s main

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Liberty High School senior Greer is dedicated to her education

Madison Greer made it a point throughout her time in high school to make sure she leaves without any regrets.

That’s part of the reason the 18-year-old – a three-sport athlete who’s played in the school band since she was in seventh grade – took part in so many activities through her time at Liberty High School in the Spangle area.

“I want to be involved in everything I can because I don’t want to look back and think, ‘Well what if I had done this,’ because there have been times where that’s happened already,” Greer said. “I don’t want that to happen way in the future when I really can’t do anything about it.”

Greer is a National Honor Society member, was involved with National FFA Organization events for three years and was nominated a 2021 Spokane Scholar in world languages by the Spokane Scholars Foundation.

She said she’s

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A Guide To The Fantasy And Science Fiction Awards Scene

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I’ve been working in books and publishing since 2004, I’ve been a sci-fi/fantasy fan since my mom read us The Hobbit, complete with voices and songs, and I still manage to mix up my Hugos with my Nebulas, fail to remember which formerly-known-as award is now called what, and lose track of newly-created awards. So, to do a favor for both myself and anyone else who has this problem but still wants to at least pretend to keep track, I present to you this deep dive into fantasy and science fiction awards! 

Some notes and caveats: This is not a comprehensive list, and an omission of an award is in no way a judgement upon it. These are the ones I am most familiar with and that came up when I polled

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