Hundreds celebrate in Rockford at Sinnissippi, Davis parks

ROCKFORD — Saturday’s Juneteenth observance at Sinnissippi Park celebrating the emancipation of African Americans enslaved in the United States took on a special meaning for Tommy Meeks of Rockford, who has organized Juneteenth events in the city for more than three decades.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden signed a congressional bill into law that made Juneteenth a federal holiday. 

Meeks was on hand in Springfield Wednesday when Gov. JB Pritzker signed legislation into law making Juneteenth an official state holiday.

“This is the greatest week for me to celebrate Juneteenth,” Meeks said. “Having the governor invite me down to Springfield and mention my name. Everybody said ‘It’s good you’re getting the recognition while you’re still alive,’ and I said ‘I don’t plan on checking out anytime soon.’ But, it does feel good that people recognize when you work hard for something and believe in it.”

‘This is an American story’:

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Rick and Morty Once Again Reveals That Science Fiction Has Consequences

In what could be described as the “B plot” of this episode that chiefly features Rick treating his nemesis, Mr. Nimbus (voiced by Dan Harmon) to a cozy dinner, Morty is charged with retrieving bottles of wine from a dimension where time runs quicker so that the drink is aged to Nimbus’s liking. 

“Time moves faster in there? It’s like a Narnia thing?” Morty asks his grandfather after he opens up a portal and tosses some wine jugs in.

“I’m not a beaver who believes in Jesus Christ but yeah it’s pretty much a Narnia thing,” Rick concedes. 

The first time Morty enters into the other unnamed world (let’s just call it Narnia for simplicity’s sake), he meets a very nice couple named Hoovy and Bova. Hoovy (who is voiced by guest star Jim Gaffigan) helps Morty carry the wine back into his world, where he gives the lad some

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