Science is more crucial than ever, but pseudoscience has flourished during pandemic

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Fatalities due to COVID worldwide growing rapidly destroying families and economies, but certainly public in large has not learnt lessons for the past 1 year due to public shallow belief in scientific practice be it public hygiene, trust in evidence-based medicine, information seeking from trusted sources and lastly of being trapped in the cyclone of pseudoscience and misinformation which is certainly now or would be in post COVID world “A pandemic within A pandemic”

India long history of scientific adventure is certainly that one can be feel good about, but this pride has unfortunately led to

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Longtime special education teacher ready to embrace retirement

Retiring Monroe High School special education teacher Tim Toth sits in the broadcast booth at a Trojans football game, as Monroe News Sports Editor Niles Kruger sits beside him. Toth has been the announcer for Trojan football since the early 2000s, and he intends to return to the position in the fall after taking last year off due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For 51 of the 60 years he’s drawn breath, Tim Toth has been a Monroe Trojan.

A 1979 Monroe High School graduate, Toth returned to Monroe Public Schools just a few months after graduating from Michigan State University in 1983 to accept a position as a substitute special education teacher.

Short-term subbing quickly turned into long-term subbing, which turned into a full-time position that Toth accepted in the fall of 1984 and will relinquish nearly 37 years later when he officially retires on Wednesday.

“It’s going to be quite an adjustment,” Toth said. “I walked through the door of Riverside Elementary school at age 5. For 51 of my 60 years I’ve been part of Monroe Public Schools, either as a student or as a staff member of some kind… I’m very thankful that I had the opportunity to work for Monroe Schools.”

Toth wore many hats over the almost

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Dutchess Community College names Peter Jordan new president

Dutchess Community College this fall is debuting a new campus in Fishkill, and a new home for its aviation program at Hudson Valley Regional Airport.

It will also have a new president overseeing it all.

Peter Grant Jordan will take on the role on Aug. 2, the State University of New York Board of Trustees and SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras announced Wednesday.

Jordan, whose career in higher education spans three decades, takes over the role from Acting President Ellen Gambino, who has served since September, after Pamela Edington’s retirement in July 2020.

He becomes the college’s sixth president in its 64-year history. Edington had a six-year tenure as the college’s first female president.

Fishkill campus: How Dutchess Community College aims to curb enrollment, revenue losses

Retirement: Dutchess Community College President Edington steps down after 6 years

He’ll take on a college in transition, with new facilities set to open in

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Flying car completes test flight

AirCar (V5), a fifth generation flying car designed by Professor Stefan Klein completed two 1500’ AGL flights at Piestany airport in Slovakia this week. The model safely achieved two full airport patterns, including two takeoffs and landings.

“The key flight parameters confirmed all theoretical concepts and calculations that the development of the AirCar was based on. Following the completion of all required flight tests in compliance with EASA regulations, we will deliver a model with a certified ADEPT, 300HP engine within the next 6 next months” said Professor Stefan Klein, Klein Vision’s CTO and test pilot. “The good news is, we already have a buyer,” Professor Klein added.

The two-seat model weights 1,100kg and can carry additional load of 200kg per flight. Powered by a BMW 1.6l engine, the car-plane has an effective power output of 140HP. Estimated travel range of AirCar is 1,000km and flight consumption of 18 l/h.

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