New data science platform accelerates Python queries

Credit: CC0 public domain

Researchers at Brown University and MIT have developed a new data science framework that allows users to process data in the Python programming language. Generally, you do not have to pay the “performance tax” associated with user-friendly languages.

A new framework called Tuplex allows you to: Process data Queries written in Python are up to 90 times faster than industry standard data systems such as Apache Spark and Dask. The research team unveiled the system in a study presented at the premier data processing conference, SIGMOD 2021, making the software freely available to everyone.

“Python is the leading programming language used by data science practitioners,” said Malte Schwarzkopf, an assistant professor of computer science at Brown and one of the developers at Tuplex. “It makes a lot of sense. Python is widely taught in college and is an easy language to get started with. But when

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Video games in education – Lexology

Today, the benefits of using video games in education and training are no longer disputed. Simulation, sports, role-playing and strategy games help to improve eye–hand coordination, concentration and spatial orientation, exercise memory, develop perceptiveness, provoke logical thinking, and train users in making choices and decisions and foreseeing the consequences of their actions. Does this mean that teachers can use them in class without hesitation?

Games from various fields of knowledge (mathematics, logic, nature, geography, ecology, foreign languages) help users acquire knowledge and interest a child in a given topic, while at the same time offering interesting fun. “Serious games” have become an important instructional tool, used for example in the military (e.g. learning to manoeuvre a tank, simulating platoon fights, or studying war tactics) and in medicine (e.g. virtual operating theatres for future surgeons, and games used in patient rehabilitation or promoting healthy lifestyles and nutrition).

Games are gaining popularity

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Springfield’s Sabis Charter School Board votes to sever ties with management company

SPRINGFIELD – The Board of Trustees for the Sabis International Charter School voted essentially to end the more than 25-year relationship with its namesake management company after a meeting that often turned hostile and included educators airing multiple concerns about the company.

The 5-2 vote on Wednesday night came just three hours before the 30-day contract extension with Sabis Educational Management Company expired.

The decision officially called for the Board of Trustees to ask for a six-month extension of the contract to allow Sabis officials to assist with the transition, but Sabis lawyer Raipher Pellegrino said the company would only agree to extend the contract if there is an end goal of finalizing a new management contract.

He added that the company never ends contracts mid-year.

“I think we should put it in writing and if they reject, it is their prerogative,” said Rev. Atu White, president of the board,

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The Best Sci-Fi Comedy Is Existential

Tom Gerencer’s book Intergalactic Refrigerator Repairmen Seldom Carry Cash features 19 pieces of humorous science fiction. Gerencer selected the stories out of literally hundreds that he’s written over the past two decades.

“If you go to Walmart, and you go into the section with the big Tupperware bins that you can put clothes and stuff in, I would just write and write and write, and fill a notebook with short stories—or fragments of short stories—and then I would put them into the bin, and then I would fill another notebook and put that in the bin, and fill another notebook, and now I have five or six bins in the basement, and there are several bins that I lost at some point,” Gerencer says in Episode 473 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. “It is certainly an avalanche of words.”

With titles like “Trailer Trash Savior” and “Apocalyptic

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