Oakland Entertainment Veterans Emerge From Covid

Together they revel within the written word, fueled by award-winning writers who share the stories and inspiration behind their exceptional books. Literary Sojourn is the oldest and most anticipated literary festival within the Rocky Mountains. African art and music is known and loved all through the world in forms from Jazz to Raggae and R B to Hip Hop.

In addition, the arts council determined to carry the occasion outside, Scudder mentioned. The Monster Drawing Rally, a fundraiser for the Arts Council of Park City and Summit County and the Kimball Art Center, will return to an in-person event this year on Saturday, July 10. The rally, which will characteristic almost 30 artists who will create unique works in two 50-minute sessions, will run from 2-6 p.m. At the Kimball Art Center car parking zone on the Yard, 1251 Kearns Blvd.

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Edgar Allan Poe’s Engagement With American Science

“SCIENCE!…” opens a poem started in the late 1820s by a youthful Edgar Allan Poe and revised throughout his life. “Why prey’st thou upon the poet’s heart, Vulture! Whose wings are dull realities!” Poe, a soon-to-be West Point cadet studying mathematics, geometry, and engineering, goes on mournfully: “How should he love thee — or how deem thee wise…?”

Past interpreters have read this “Sonnet — To Science” as a standard romantic attack on the disenchanting effects of objective inquiry, then a growing force in the young republic. In a world dissected and reduced to mechanisms by the rational eye of science, how are wonder and mystery, the provinces of the poet, to survive?

BOOK REVIEW“The Reason for the Darkness of the Night: Edgar Allan Poe and the Forging of American Science,” by John Tresch (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 518 pages).

But as historian of science John Tresch

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Smart Education and Learning Software Market Research, Growth Opportunities, Analysis and Forecasts Report 2021-2026|Covid-19 Recovery

The latest business intelligence report on Smart Education and Learning Software market makes a comprehensive investigation of the industry size, geographical landscape, revenue estimates, and Covid-19 implications on business development.

Executive summary:

The recent study on Smart Education and Learning Software market encapsulates a detailed analysis of the prevalent industry trends and current business scenario to evaluate the future amplitude of industry expansion. Key growth indicators, challenges, and restraints, alongside lucrative opportunities as well as associated risks are thoroughly discussed in the report.

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Taking the analysis further, the research report attempts to impart a conclusive view on the shares and size of the market and its sub-markets. It also

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Parents and teachers gauge risks for children attending Tokyo Games

TOKYO, July 6 (Reuters) – Olympic organisers have capped the number of spectators allowed into venues, but will offer Japanese students special access under a programme that would let hundreds of thousands of children see the world’s best athletes compete.

Tickets are cheap and COVID-19 countermeasures are in place. Many schools, however, have already pulled out, and others are still on the fence, awaiting more information.

Close to 1.3 million tickets were booked for the schools programme last year. But in areas around Tokyo that are hosting several Olympic events, like Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures, more than half of the tickets for the programme have been cancelled.

The response to the programme illustrates the challenges facing Japan as it tries to keep fans in the stadiums during pandemic-marred Games that have already been delayed once.

Jun Tashiro, principal of the Shiratori Elementary School in Tokyo, rattled off a list of

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