10 Indian Superstitions And Scientific Reasons Behind Them

India is a land of culture, traditions and a lot of superstitions. Ranging from ‘nimbu-totka’ to ‘dahi shakkar for good luck’, Indian society is known to have a plethora of superstitious beliefs and practices.

But, do you know that there are some practices, which are labelled as superstitions, that have a scientific logic behind them?

Let’s have a look at some of them and decode the logic behind some of our famous Indian superstitions:

1) Superstition: Don’t Go Out During An Eclipse

Logic- To Prevent Loss Of Eyesight

Going out in the sun during a solar eclipse can cause ‘eclipse blindness’ or retinal burns and so to prevent our eyes from burning heat, our ancestors advised not to set out during the eclipse.

2) Superstition: Not Allowing Girls To Do Certain Things During Menstruation. 

 Logic: To Give Women Time For Rest

Before the 18th century, there were no such things

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Growing Adoption of Apps for Online Learning Sets Tone for Smart Learning & Education Market: Transparency Market Research

ALBANY, N.Y., July 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Smart Learning & Education Market: Broad Contours

Smart learning & education has paved way to personalized e-learning tools. Smart learning in education isn’t a new trend, but educators have been at it for quite some time now. Learning management systems for corporate learning has contributed greatly to the market growth. Surprisingly, traditional learning was thrown out of gear amid Covid-19.

Children and adults with variety of learning needs showed proclivity, albeit to varying degrees, toward using smart learning platforms to stay on the course of learning. Solutions and services for online learning platforms proliferated in just few months, churning out incredible avenues for companies and institutes in the smart learning & education market.

Rapid adoption of new technologies that enable professors and student break away from traditional paradigm, such as smart projectors, are unlocking new opportunities for players in the smart

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TIGA UK Games Education Awards 2021 launched to promote outstanding students, education providers and best practice | News

LONDON, June 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TIGA, the trade association representing the UK video games industry, today launched the TIGA UK Games Education Awards 2021 to recognise outstanding students, education providers and best practice.

Creative Assembly, the UK’s largest developer, behind the Total War series and an upcoming sci-fi FPS, is the headline sponsor of the TIGA UK Games Education Awards 2021. As a multi-award-winner for their education work, Creative Assembly utilises the skills and passions of their 800 employees to provide industry outreach to students across the globe. The Awards are further supported by BeautyLabs International, a company pioneering the future of enhanced reality in the beauty and wellness industries.

The TIGA UK Games Education Awards will be open to entry from 21st June 2021. The closing date is 28th July 2021. The winners will be announced in a fast paced virtual Awards ceremony

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Department of Education Took ‘Unprecedented Actions’ in Sale of For-Profit Chain

A report by the Department of Education’s Office of Inspector General found that the department took several unprecedented actions during and after the 2017 sale of Education Management Corporation’s chain of for-profit institutions to the Dream Center Foundation.

Among the actions include the department reducing the letter of credit amount that Dream Center was required to post by about $86 million, despite a preacquisition report by Federal Student Aid identifying significant financial risks associated with Dream Center’s purchase of the 13 institutions. It also approved temporary nonprofit status for two of the institutions retroactive to the date of the ownership change, even though it hadn’t made a decision on whether the institutions satisfied all aspects of the regulatory definition of a nonprofit institution. The report found the department’s oversight was not rigorous enough to ensure Dream Center complied with requirements for drawing down and disbursing Title IV funds.


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