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Most controversial, nonetheless, is the rising use of English as the medium of instruction at universities – a trend that’s pushed by the truth that English-taught packages are a significant draw for international college students. The Netherlands now has the largest variety of English-taught diploma packages in all of Europe – 12 of the country’s high universities provided 104 bachelor and 930 grasp applications in English as of 2015, in accordance with Studyportals. Statistics of the Dutch Organization for Internationalization in Education present that 23 p.c of all bachelor’s packages and seventy four percent of master’s programs have been completely taught in English in 2018. Stay rates are particularly high among graduates from technical universities, forty {13aab5633489a05526ae1065595c074aeca3e93df6390063fabaebff206207ec} of whom currently transition into long-term residency. Notably, 4 out of nine Ph.D. students who have been registered for employment in the Netherlands in 2015 had been overseas nationals. Information about California public … Read More

Alien Overlords: Five SF Futures Where Humans Are No Longer in Charge

Humans are accustomed to seeing ourselves as the rulers of creation, apex beings with the right to rearrange the world for our convenience. For many people this is a central tenet of faith, little challenged by the occasional pandemic or environmental collapse. SF authors, however, are willing to consider that this just might be wrong. Many works have explored what it would be like if we were one day to discover that superior entities now ruled our world. Humans would be  domestic animals, mere puppies of Terra…

Consider the following five works that challenge human supremacy.


Lilith’s Brood (Dawn, 1987; Adulthood Rites, 1988;  Imago, 1989) by Octavia Butler

Not content to develop weapons of mass destruction and the means by which they could be delivered, humanity then proceeded to demonstrate their capacity to eliminate life on Earth by using those weapons. They were successful beyond their

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To assist schools into the longer term and guarantee honest distribution of this priceless useful resource, we might be implementing a model new pooled storage mannequin and serving to admins and college leaders handle their storage. Nothing is altering today and we count on that more than 99{13aab5633489a05526ae1065595c074aeca3e93df6390063fabaebff206207ec} of institutions shall be inside Southside Elementary School the pooled storage offered by the brand new coverage. The ADE Data Center is a set of data systems, data instruments and informational reports for educators, coverage makers, teachers, dad and mom, school districts, and anybody excited about official information from the Arkansas Department of Education .

Enhance your profession and improve your knowledge, expertise, and practices with our in-person and on-line coaching. Learn about and purchase the most effective books and sources to assist Crafton Hills College younger children’s learning and improvement. Client Engagements Learn how we assist our purchasers enhance public education … Read More