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Sam Kean
Little, Brown
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In 1771, an idealistic British naturalist named Henry Smeathman set sail for Africa on a collecting trip. The 29-year-old’s destination was Sierra Leone, famed as a center of the colonial slave trade. Smeathman hoped not only to amass a treasure trove of insect specimens—his particular area of interest—but also, along the way, to better educate his fellow Englishmen about Black Africans, whom he saw as a “little-known and much misrepresented people.” He would fail on both counts.

Much of Smeathman’s collection was lost to transportation disasters. His ideals, meanwhile, were worn away by financial desperation and by the company he kept with friendly, cash-rich slave traders. By 1773, Smeathman was trafficking enslaved people to support his collections. He was far from the only naturalist to become entangled with slavery and its handy shipping routes, notes Sam Kean in The

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Building Brains games keeping education going for children during the summer

Games in the bag include ‘Musical Freeze’, which has children dance to music and when the music stops, they freeze in the same pose shown on an included card. ‘Red Light, Green Light’ help improve children’s working memory and helps them build emotional control. Another activity in the bag is a shared project, where two children work together. The U of L says that “the process allows children to play, negotiate and work together to make whatever they want using modelling clay.”

Hazelwood noted that, “we know in the first five years of life, a child’s experiences have a powerful influence on development, physically, socially and emotionally.”

“So, if they have positive playful experiences with a caregiver in their life, then it really promotes strong and nurturing relationships and it sets them up for positive outcomes in the future.”

The Building Brain curriculum and games were created from the results

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Proposed redesign for Willow Creek focused on recreation, stormwater management | Higher education

Emptying directly into Lake Mendota, the sediment collected by Willow Creek through runoff has worsened the sandbar in University Bay. While dredging the sandbar is not currently on the table, Gary Brown, director of campus planning and landscape architecture, said management plans are currently focused on stopping sediment “at the source.”

Willow Creek rendering

The proposed project would include creating five clearings where boaters and pedestrians could access the shoreline. 

“Our climate is changing and we continue to see more frequent rainfall and larger rainfall events,” Brown said. “As we look at stormwater management and trying to maintain the health of the Yahara Lakes system, this is just one piece in all of that but this is a very important piece.”

Stormwater management efforts include the creation of bioswales — concave marshy areas filled with native plants that retain and filter runoff. Bioswales slow the passage of runoff into

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Weary Middle For Health And Health

Everything you want to strengthen your health and fitness business. With more than seventy five classes out there each week – together with Les Mills, Swim Fit and pilates – we cater to all health levels. Our FREE for all on-line workouts, wellbeing recommendation and coaching suggestions are right Go Medicare here to inspire and help your lively existence. We’ve received Swimming Pools & Aquatics gym actions for all ages and experience levels at several health club places throughout Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

An environmental citizen is committed to learning extra about the environment and to taking accountable environmental action. Through a mix of interactive actions, assignments and discussions, college students find out how they are personally connected with current environmental issues. Students are also inspired to undertake attitudes and behaviours that foster global environmental duty. This program prepares you to problem certification exams in group health and personal … Read More