COMMENTARY | Biden administration flip-flops are dizzying

It has been a confusing few days in the national news cycle. I feel sorry for the staffers who must justify statements that contradict logic or each other.

Our first area of concern comes with the rules for masking. I remember hearing Joe Biden in the weeks running up to the election in one of his few excursions out of the basement that he would not trust the vaccine because he could not trust Donald Trump. Kamala Harris stated the same thing. Once in the White House they claim that the vaccine is safe and that they would have 200 million vaccinated by the end of April. Now the head of the CDC states proudly that 164 million have been vaccinated. They missed.

In May, the president stated that once a person had been vaccinated, they would not have to wear a mask again. After weeks of the vaccinations being

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Ivey announces $23.5 million for state education projects

Gov. Kay Ivey on Friday announced disbursement of the remaining $23.5 million in Public School and College Authority bond issues to five educational entities statewide to pay for infrastructure projects and upgrades. 

“I’m pleased to announce the more than $23.5 million to worthy infrastructural projects and upgrades to our educational facilities,” Ivey said in a statement. “These remaining PSCA funds will make needed improvements to our public educational facilities, which will have a lasting impact on future generations of Alabamians. I am extremely grateful to Alabama’s retiring Finance Director Kelly Butler for his diligence on this project to ensure we are investing wisely in meaningful education and workforce efforts.”

“There is no question these dollars will provide a positive return on investment to the citizens of Alabama,” Butler said in a statement. “Despite the challenges of the last year, Governor Ivey and the members of the Alabama Legislature displayed great

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Legends Remade: New Science Fiction and Fantasy

Marissa Levien’s THE WORLD GIVES WAY (Redhook, 402 pp., $28) is a staggering marvel, an action-packed cat-and-mouse chase on a doomed generation ship the size of Switzerland. Myrra Dal is a contract worker, one of thousands of people serving out indentures signed by their great-grandparents in exchange for passage off a dying Earth. To her, and to most of the other citizens descended from those first passengers, the ship is the world: It has a sky, cities, weather, climates, a desert and a sea. It also has a crack in its hull — widening, irreparable and kept secret by its wealthiest families — and 50 years remaining in its 200-year voyage.

A different novel would have concerned itself with a tense race to fix the ship and save humanity, or framed a series of impossible choices about who gets to live or die. But “The World Gives Way” is neither

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