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They serve your drinks, your meals and interact with you in between scenes. You feel every part of this present and it brings home the holiday spirit just like seeing your loved ones that stay far-off. To say I was thoroughly impressed is an understatement- I shall be back with household.” For those inspired to recreate her designs, basic patterns are included, but she encourages people to determine on their own colors and stitches to make the artwork their very own. There’s no higher summer season escape than a deep dive into the history of the infamous Chateau Marmont, which for ninety years has served as refuge and playground for the world’s most famous (and ill-behaved) movie stars and musicians. Film critic Shawn Levy dishes on Jean Harlow, Natalie Wood, Jim Morrison, and more in this entertaining and surprisingly thoughtful peek inside Hollywood’s notorious pleasure palace.

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Bengals rookie Jackson Carman leans on Anthony Munoz for advice, guidance

“Duane Brown, Chris Myers,” said Su’a-Filo Tuesday, remembering the older vets that helped him. “There were a couple of guys a few years older who were real cool. Brandon Brooks. Derek Newton. They gave me advice on how to make sure to be a pro. Study habits. Taking care of their body.

“I’m just trying to do for Jackson what was done for me as a rookie,” Su’a-Filo said.

He appreciates it. Munoz talked about remaining “coachable,” and “teachable,” down through the years, no matter how many, and at 21 of them, Carman is more than smart enough to get all that. He can play half a dozen or so musical instruments and counting, so he’s spent his life getting taught.

“Coaches just tell me flat out you just have to take things one day at a time and build the plan and stack your chips every day,” said Carman,

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Will China Regulate Video Games?

Welcome to Foreign Policy’s China Brief.

The highlights this week: A call for regulation of video games causes stocks to fall, China responds to the delta variant with a full-court press, and why boy band star Kris Wu’s arrest could presage others.

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Are Video Games in Regulators’ Crosshairs?

A single article in a Chinese state media outlet caused internet giant Tencent’s stock price to fall by more than 10 percent on Tuesday. The piece in Economic Information Daily, a newspaper owned by state agency Xinhua, called for greater regulation of video games, which it described as “spiritual opium”—a politically potent term that echoes past ideological denunciations.

In a market left jittery by the ongoing regulatory war on private enterprises, especially technology firms, the article prompted fears that the government would

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Technology is changing the learning game in the U.S. education system.

Prior to COVID-19, the Pleasanton Calif. Unified School District (PUSD) was already issuing a digital device to every middle and high school student. During the pandemic, the district expanded its 1-to-1 policy to all elementary-level students, as well.

“Anybody who needed a device got a device,” says Patrick Gannon, the district’s communications and community engagement coordinator. Thanks to that rapid deployment, “We were able to pivot 14,500 students from in-person to remote instruction in the course of a week.”

PUSD isn’t alone: Around the nation, virtual learning needs spurred rapid adoption of 1-to-1 policies across K-12 education. While the final numbers on device adoption aren’t in yet, “There’s clearly been a huge effort to secure more devices,” says Keith Krueger, CEO of the nonprofit Consortium for School Networking.

Going forward, educators say, this broad availability of computers will change the way teachers interact with students, and it will

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