From alligators to avalanches, exhibit offers survival guide

From a burning building or a disastrous date to a raging bull or a quicksand pool, the worst can happen at any time. 

And the traveling exhibit “The Worst-Case Scenario: An Ultimate Survival Experience” is helping people become better prepared for the worst, with a tongue-in-cheek training regiment, real-world examples and a three-part credo. 

“Everyone is going to face some sort of bad situation, whether it be a meeting that’s not going well, or you’re in a plane that doesn’t have a pilot and you need to land it, something’s going to happen. Those different situations actually have a very similar sort of method to prepare yourself,” said Geoffrey Curley, the exhibit’s designer. 

The action-packed exhibition is open through Sept. 6 at Science Museum Oklahoma, where visitors of all ages can learn the three keys to coping with any catastrophe: Be prepared. Don’t panic. Have a plan. 

They can also

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EXPLAINER: How leagues investigate allegations

Allegations from his estranged wife that Evander Kane bet on hockey games, including his own, and tried to lose for profit have sparked an NHL investigation into the San Jose Sharks forward’s activities.

Just what the league will find and how quickly is anyone’s guess.

If the investigation reveals Kane bet against his own team, those are uncharted waters for a league that has signed more than a half dozen partnerships with sportsbooks, data providers and other -related entities since the Supreme Court cleared the way for legalized sports betting in 2018.


On social media, Anna Kane wrote: “How does the NHL let a compulsive addict still play when he’s obviously throwing games to win money?” and “Can someone ask (Commissioner) Gary Bettman how they let a player gamble on his own games? Bet and win with bookies on his own games?” Kane vehemently

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Collegis Education Expands and Extends Technology Managed Services Partnership with Cabrini University | Business


Collegis Education, a leader in technology-enabled higher education services to help universities grow enrollments, deliver quality learning and strategically manage technology, is pleased to announce the expansion and extension of its partnership with Cabrini University to become its comprehensive technology management partner. Since 2017, Collegis has been delivering enrollment growth and technology management solutions to Cabrini to help the institution stabilize, standardize and transform its operations and deliver long-term growth. This expansion extends the strategic partnership through 2028.

Cabrini University, a Catholic, liberal arts university in Pennsylvania, is dedicated to academic excellence, leadership development and a commitment to social justice. With a differentiated portfolio of academic programs, Cabrini serves more than 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Core to the Cabrini Promise is the delivery of high-impact education for truly transformative experiences that prepare global-minded graduates.

“Cabrini University has been a fantastic partner, and we very

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Life Lessons from Science Fiction and Fantasy

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Science fiction and fantasy may be out of this world (literally!), but they have a lot to teach us if we’re willing to listen. In fact, many people have argued that science fiction tends to operate as a cautionary genre.

For example, Hugo Gernsback is often credited with establishing modern-day science fiction in the publishing industry. In the introduction to the first issue of the sf magazine Amazing Stories in 1926, Gernsback famously wrote that writers in this genre “have the knack of imparting knowledge, and even inspiration, without once making us aware that we are being taught.”

I would argue that this is true not only of science fiction, but also of fantasy and other speculative genres. Interestingly, these genres also tend to be touted as escapist tales that have nothing to

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