2022: Pisces Women

Joan S. Reed

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Pisces and Fashion

Piscean ladies prefer fluid, flowing, beautiful silhouettes since Water does not appreciate restrictions. This little mermaid is most in touch with her surroundings when she is relaxed and wearing silky, today’s horoscope soft clothing – no constraining zippers or corsets for her! A Pisces woman adores the glitter of light on Water and will wear jewelry in unusual places. Her favorite fashion accessories are anklets, toe rings, and moonstone brooches worn in hair cascades.

Because Pisces regulates the feet, her unique gemstone is jade, which is especially appropriate in jewelry for the hands and feet. She’s also a natural with amethyst. Sea green is her primary color. Pisces look best in shades of blue and green similar to those found in the Water and avoid too bright colors.

Because Pisces is a chameleon, she can be highly adaptable in terms of style and fashion. She despises preconceptions and frameworks, and she despises being a slave to current trends. She also dislikes constrictive apparel, preferring to slip in and out of her closet with ease. Fortunately, she is typically able to get away with almost anything. She has a rare trait in that she can fit in while remaining distinctive. Pisces has a penchant for fantasy, drama, and make-believe, which may be seen in her style. She has a penchant for shoes that is far beyond the norm! Any style that is too aggressive, restricted, or highly defined is unappealing to Pisces. This corresponds to a personality that is neither harsh or severe. Styles suit include delicate lines, a shape that moves and breathes, and soft rather than primary hues.


The Pisces Woman: Style

The Piscean lady resides in a world beyond fashion, lost in a world of dreams and creative drives, but she is not immune to it. She creates her own, and it becomes art in her hands. Her otherworldly attributes ensure that she will never be like anybody else, but they also ensure that she will be remembered.

She dresses as if existence were a figment of her imagination. If she likes fairies, the things she wears will be floral and spring-like. She’ll sparkle like a mother of pearl if she likes mermaids. She will be dark and mysterious if she is interested in Gothic culture. Her moods are as varied as the sea, and she can be all of these things at once.

The Piscean woman is drawn to airy objects. Silk, voile, and tissue are soft fabrics that tempt her to drape and design her distinctive fashions. Her passion for art will lead her to paint beautiful designs on her clothes or body. Her garments will drape and fold in the most sensual ways, but she appears completely unconscious of her sexiness. Her eyes, no matter what hue they are, are like stars reflected in deep water pools. The Piscean woman exudes glitz and radiance in every aspect of her appearance.

Shopping with a Piscean woman is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. She is pulled like a magnet to new age stores, exotic goods stores, and bazaars that are heaped high with eccentric things. She enjoys rummaging through things and discovering new things. She’ll come to find a crystal ball, an antique deck of tarot cards, or a beautiful embroidered velvet coat for a bargain. Nobody knows how she manages to accomplish it. She appears to be too much in love with the fairies to be a bargain hunter, but she has an uncanny ability to spot discounts.

She is uninterested in fashion week or the world’s most prestigious fashion houses. She reads publications obsessively but solely to obtain ideas for her projects. She gets her inspiration from Japanese streetwear and other anti-high-end fashion destinations. The Piscean woman adores her friends and enjoys shopping with them, but she adores getting her makeup and hair products out and giving them a makeover even more. She always has a large makeup variety to pick from.

Makeup kits, sparkly lip glosses in every hue of the rainbow, glittery body glosses, and everything shimmery and sparkling that catches her attention will be among her belongings. She is a makeup artist who prefers to paint a fantasy face rather than a realistic one. When it comes to dressing up, the Piscean woman truly shines, not just in terms of her personality. Everything is gleaming and glittering.

She is a little more evasive when it comes to skincare. However, she does enjoy scented body creams and uses them religiously. Moisturizing and toning regularly may take a more haphazard approach. Her favorite aromatherapy treatment is sweet aromatherapy, and she enjoys being surrounded by her favorite scents. Her hair, which is generally extraordinarily long and silky, is her pride and joy, and lovers ask her not to cut it.

The Piscean woman is all about the accouterments. Pearly Shells, gleaming buckles, and gleaming gems are among her favorites. Piscean women are hopeless romantics who fall profoundly and completely in love, but they also have high standards and would reject any relationship that does not suit their needs. She will be the most dedicated partner someone could have in exchange for a boyfriend who cherishes her.

She craves romance sexually, but decent sex will suffice. In the erotic realm, she is highly inventive, and lovers may find themselves being painted with chocolate or strawberry syrup – or captured naked on canvas. Do you recall the song about making love on the Cape’s dunes? That woman was a Pisces.

Another water sign, such as Scorpio and Cancer, will share this depth of feeling, while her opposite sign, Virgo, will supply the stability that the Piscean lady occasionally needs. However, this sign has the unique ability to find true and enduring love practically everywhere, even with signs that are thought to be incompatible. How is that possible? Perhaps Pisces, the zodiac’s twelfth and most unique sign, has a touch of enchantment.


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