Day: May 16, 2022

Opinion: The logic behind vaccine mandates for travellers no longer holds

Zain Chagla is an infectious diseases physician and an associate professor at McMaster University.

There should be no doubt: Vaccines are important in the fight against COVID-19. I wholeheartedly believe individuals should be vaccinated to protect against severe complications. I have put in hundreds of volunteer hours to make sure that evidence-based communication is brought to communities, both locally and internationally. And as someone who also works in travel medicine, I expect that making sure vaccines are up-to-date, including the COVID-19 vaccine, to be part of normal counselling.

But medicine is about recognizing what does and does not make sense based on the prevailing science. That’s why, in February, I questioned the paradigm that existed around stringent global testing and travel restrictions. And while there has been a significant transition away from those measures, we need to bring down the other limits to individual rights that don’t make medical sense.

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Could Wilmington’s Emergency Management Coordinator face consequences for protesting coronavirus-related requirements?

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – Where does the right to free speech end? While the constitution grants all the right to free speech, it does not protect anyone from any potential consequences of that speech.

The City of Wilmington’s Emergency Management Coordinator Natosha Tew has repeatedly spoken out against vaccines, masks, and more hot-button issues at New Hanover County Board of Education meetings. On at least two occasions, deputies have removed Tew from meetings, not based on the content of her speech, but for violating rules of decorum set by the Board of Education.

Despite speaking on school board policies, they closely align with city policies that were enacted during the height of the pandemic.

For example, Tew was removed from a NHC Board of Education meeting in February for going past her allocated speaking time.

While her removal might not constitute a punishable offense in the eyes of the City,

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WPP And Epic Games Metaverse Partnership

The WPP and Epic Games Partnership: What it Means for the Metaverse.

A British PR, advertising, communication, and technology company WPP has announced a partnership with Epic Games “to accelerate innovation for clients in the metaverse.” This new partnership eyes to propagate and educate more and more new brands and creators about the potential opportunities up for grabs in the metaverse.

But what exactly this partnership means for the metaverse? And how it will achieve its goals?

Epic Games is no less than a beacon when it comes to taking lead in building the metaverse. It is among the pioneers when it comes to the application of the concept of the metaverse. It started off by incorporating the idea of the metaverse inside its video games.

Now, it has gradually and strategically evolved its approach towards the metaverse by focusing on Unreal Engine and its virtual creation tools. Epic’s 

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Monday May 16, 2022