How to Better Engage With, and Sell to Generation Z | ACS Industry Matters

In a 12.3.2019 Forbes Article, you wrote about Gen Zers (born between 1995 – 2010), you noted that 85% of them get their information from social media.  What do you see as the pros and cons for this generation regarding their reliance on social media for information? What about companies seeking to sell to them – what should they most keep in mind?

We found that Gen Zers are driven by their ideals and values, and they use social media to constantly assess the relevance of their surroundings and choices (including brands) with these ideals and values. To them, building trust requires a two-way conversation, and they’re looking for opportunities to have conversations as they make decisions. Gen Zers are amazing, and I have so much hope for humanity specifically because of this generation.

While they rely on social media for information, they are far less likely to delve

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Growing their own gardens teaches DD2’s special education students food science and life skills | Features

SUMMERVILLE — On a sun-soaked day in April, the students in Robin Heard’s special education class at Sand Hill Elementary School were outside taking care of their garden.

Their classroom overlooks the “Sandpiper Seedlings” beds where the students — mostly fourth and fifth graders — gestured to the different vegetables, listing their favorites. Popular choices included tomatoes, potatoes and carrots.

“I like carrots, and horses love carrots,” said fifth grader Claire Lawrence, who Heard said is a budding equestrian.

Historic Charleston Foundation celebrates 75 years of preservation with anniversary flags

Fourth grader Jayden Phillips pointed at small red pepper flakes he and his classmates had placed throughout the beds. 

“It keeps the animals away,” he said.

Inside the classroom, lettuce, basil and peas grow in a vertical hydroponic garden specially designed to cultivate plants indoors.

Dorchester Hydrophonic Gardens

Sand Hill Elementary School special education student Jayden Phillips puts chemicals in the water of the school’s hydroponic garden to keep the water clean on

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