Smart Move or Stupidest Idea Ever?

Will students really use Wi-Fi on school buses to do their homework?

A flurry of reaction on Facebook to an FCC proposal that would provide funding for Wi-Fi on school buses suggests there are big potential benefits and drawbacks to the idea.

FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel announced a proposal on May 11 that would allow the use of federal E-rate funding for Wi-Fi in school buses. The proposal would clarify that the use of Wi-Fi, or similar access-point technologies, on school buses “serves an educational purpose” and is therefore eligible for E-Rate funding.

Proponents of the proposal believe that buses can be learning spaces for students and putting Wi-Fi on buses can help close the homework gap that exists between students who have reliable Wi-Fi at home and those who don’t.

Some Facebook users were supportive of the proposal, saying it would provide opportunities for students to get their work

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School system buys interactive gym wall games for elementaries

Vice Chairwoman Laura McLean works on a laptop at an Oak Ridge Board of Education meeting.

With a special projector, students at Oak Ridge’s elementary schools will play interactive games on their gym walls.

Oak Ridge Board of Education bought the technology, called Lü Interactive Playgrounds, with a set for each school. The full cost is $126,841.04 from Howard Technology Solutions.

Kelly Williams, executive director of teaching and learning, explained that this technology will allow for interactive learning games. These games, she told the Board of Education at a recent meeting, will involve students throwing balls at projected targets and teach multiplication, along with social and emotional learning, depending on the game.

Oak Ridge Board of Education member Erin Webb works at a laptop at a school board meeting.

Oak Ridge Board of Education member Erin Webb works at a laptop at a school board meeting.

The funding came from three grants. The Best for All Grant provided $80,000. Two other grants to pay for the equipment

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