Wando teacher recognized for teaching smart money to students | Community News

South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis has identified Tamie Betsill of Charleston County University District’s Wando Higher University as the South Carolina Financial Literacy Grasp Trainer Program’s Educator of the Month for May perhaps.

“One of the strengths of the Fiscal Literacy Grasp Instructor Method is its emphasis on increasing educator confidence in teaching personalized finance,” mentioned Loftis. “Extraordinary educators like Tamie Betsill are leveraging their experience not only to assist college students discover wise income behaviors but also to assist peer teachers realize how to integrate these lessons in their very own school rooms.”

Betsill has taught social scientific tests at Wando Substantial School given that 2013. She at the moment teaches AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics and serves as the school’s Econ Problem Team mentor. Under her advice, college students on the Econ Challenge Staff attained initially spot at the SC Economics Problem every year from 2015 to 2021.

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Link Development’s Most Undervalued Role

Congrats! Your team’s Link Strategist has just served up a campaign idea that fits the brand and the budget. Management’s on board. Take a happy hour to celebrate!

The Prospector may need to cut out early though; first thing tomorrow, the team needs her insights and opportunity lists.

For this article, we define an opportunity for any writer (webmaster, blogger, journalist, subject expert, curator) who contributes to your campaign’s niche.

If the Link Strategist sees the forest, it’s up to the Opportunity Prospector to find and name each tree. This may sound intimidating, but it’s actually my favorite part of link building. And in this article, I share our strategic and tactical Opportunity Prospector checklist.

If You Appreciate One Thing About Opportunity Prospecting In This Article…

…let it be that glorious sense of discovery when you find a vein of opportunity that was unexpected.

Prospector’s high is real, folks. I’ll

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Review board OKs Pa.’s proposed academic standards for science education | Don’t Miss This

HARRISBURG — The Independent Regulatory Review Commission approved the Pennsylvania State Board of Education’s proposed updated standards for science education that emphasizes engineering, STEM learning and crosscutting concepts across scientific disciplines.

Structured standards, college and career readiness, skills and Pennsylvania context were points of emphasis most sought by 934 stakeholders whose input was gathered during a series of public meetings in 2020.

“In response to the rapid growth of science knowledge, newer standards emphasize core disciplinary ideas versus lists of science facts that can become rapidly outdated. Further, newer standards include broader concepts, often referred to as crosscutting concepts, which apply across the science disciplines. Standards documents also specify skills, ways of thinking, or habits of mind that better reflect the nature of modern science,” scientific researchers wrote in an overview of the feedback received from Pennsylvania stakeholders.

Pennsylvania last adopted science education standards in 2002. There haven’t been any

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