Altra Federal Credit Union hosting one-day financial education camps

Altra Federal Credit rating Union will be supplying a few a person-day financial education and learning camps as portion of their Income Camp collection at the William O. Beach Civic Corridor.

All camps are facilitated by Altra personnel and will include fingers-on understanding ordeals with age ideal routines, games, and conversations. Snacks, refreshments, and lunch are bundled.

Greenback$ & ¢ents Camp 

Presented for ages 7-8 and will get the job done on producing a primary awareness of revenue history, what dollars is, how it is made use of and created, and basic paying out ideas. Greenback$ & ¢ents Camp will be held on Tuesday, June 28th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Tremendous Savers Camp

Supplied for ages 9-10 and will support develop a basis for essential monetary concepts, these types of as the value of budgeting and differentiating between desires and wants. Super Savers Camp will be held on

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The aliens are all hanging out on Dyson spheres circling white dwarfs, physicist argues

So far no one has found evidence of intelligent aliens elsewhere in the cosmos. But if they do exist, they might be hanging out on Dyson spheres circling the husks of sunlike stars called white dwarfs scattered throughout the Milky Way, a new paper argues.

And that’s there we should be focusing our search for extraterrestrials, study co-author Ben Zuckerman, an emeritus professor of physics and astronomy at the University of California Los Angeles, told Live Science in an email.

Based on what that search turns up, astronomers could estimate how many advanced civilizations lurk in the galaxy, he said. 

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Long live the civilization

Any advanced civilization needs energy: for food, for transport, for conflict, for comfort and for convenience. Currently, Earth’s 7.8 billion people use around 580 million million joules of energy every year, equivalent to the

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Shanghai reopens after suppressing COVID: A triumph for science and public health

China’s largest city, Shanghai, largely reopened Wednesday morning after a two-month lockdown that successfully beat back an outbreak of the virulent Omicron BA.2 subvariant of COVID-19. The event was a triumph of public health mobilization, as the outbreak, which reached a peak of almost 30,000 infections per day in mid-April, took the lives of fewer than 600 people, mostly elderly and unvaccinated.

During those two months, most offices, factories, and other workplaces were closed, although production continued in certain key industries with workers bunking down in the plants and rarely going out in a process known as a closed-loop system. Schools shifted to online education, mass transit was virtually empty of passengers, and the few stores that remained open could provide goods only on a curbside take-out basis. The city itself was shut off from the rest of the country, with visitors allowed to enter only after a 14-day period

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