Artificial Intelligence

Joan S. Reed

Science fiction has built up the idea of artificial intelligence for years. Giving machines intelligence often spells the end of mankind as they then rise up against their creators and violently free themselves from oppression. There are cautionary tales such as in the film “Spider Man 2” in which the […]

Ten Important Classroom Management Tips and Strategies

Joan S. Reed

By now, you have probably already learned that a good classroom management system is responsible for building a positive classroom climate. As a classroom manager, A good classroom manager knows that the benefit of using classroom management strategies can both stimulate and encourage learning. Using Classroom Strategies for Improving Motivation […]

Understanding Server Virtualisation In VPS Hosting


There are many types of website hosting services available today. These include Shared Servers, Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Servers, and Dedicated Servers.  Hosting plans based on Virtual Servers are the most popular since they offer a dedicated server-like hosting environment at a marginal cost. When you buy VPS Server Hosting, […]

7 Health Problems Connected With Obesity

Joan S. Reed

Often people blame junk or processed foods for their obesity problem. If a person weighs more than 20% of the normal weight considering his/her height, then he/she is considered as an obese person. However, you need to keep in mind that not every obese person would have all these health […]

SciFi Fish Tank Ornaments For Nerds

Joan S. Reed

I am a nerd and very proud of it. I’ve always had a thing for science fiction. The appeal of traveling to the deep darkness of space and exploring uncharted territory has always had a great influence on my taste for movies and interests. While I have been decorating aquariums […]

Towards A Better Teachers’ Performance Management in Nigeria: The Balance Scorecard Approach

Joan S. Reed

Introduction Education is sacrosanct to national development. Education and national development are the two sides of a coin that mutually reinforce and challenge each other. Jega [1997] affirmed, “Education is generally regarded as a necessary and essential requirement for national development. It is central to socioeconomic and technological advancement, and […]