May 23, 2024


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6 Reasons Why Swedish Universities are Attractive

Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad in Sweden

Swedish international student arena is one of the most competitive ones in the world. Each year, thousands of applications to Swedish universities are reviewed.

But what makes Swedish universities so attractive? Here are all the reasons; 

  1. Academic flexibility

The Swedish higher education authority has outperformed in terms of ensuring that academia in Swedish universities is top-notch.

The ministry of higher education and research makes the policies and the universities dispense the education. 

There is the option of studying traditionally from the university or taking on a blended distance learning partly from a remote location and partly from the institution.

Some Swedish universities also offer full-time online and learning especially for international students.

Through platforms like Coursera, one can remotely gain access to top Swedish universities and get academic certifications from them. For instance, Lund University, one of the largest in Sweden, is in partnership with them. 

Read reviews about Coursera from Omdömesställe and see what other remote learners have to say about their academia. 

Academic flexibility also encompasses the language of dispensation. Most of the universities in Sweden offer courses in the English language or a combination of English and Swedish. 

  1. Affordable

Up to 2010, Sweden was one of the few countries in the world that allowed international study students to study completely free.

This was changed to charge fees for international students outside the EU/ EEA. 

Even so, there are many available scholarships for students from outside Sweden, EU/EEA, and Switzerland. 

The scholarships are awarded by the government or other sponsorships from bilateral treaties or organizations. 

Scholarships are often awarded based on merit and the type of program. 

The government scholarships are awarded through the ministry of foreign affairs under the Swedish institute scholarship.

Some of the universities also have the option to allow international students tuition waivers in support of their studies. 

For those students who don’t qualify for scholarships or grants, there are other ways to finance your study. You can get student loans from the Swedish national board of student aid. 

  1. Top international universities

Sweden is home to some of the world-class universities and other universities that are quite recognizable in Europe.

Educational awards from these universities are highly held in the career field. 

Studying in top universities is particularly important to build networks and it presents bigger opportunities in terms of leadership and mentorship.

Many of the top universities in Sweden offer intense research programs coupled with exchange programs with other international universities as well as top supervision from professors.

This can explain why it is costly to study at a top university compared to smaller colleges.

  1. Variety of courses

When looking for a foreign country to further your studies we’re often after countries that provide a variety of courses which will make it easier to find a course to specialize in. 

There are about 50 universities and colleges in Sweden each offering different types of courses.

Depending on the university these courses also come alongside other supplementary courses or advancement programs.

For instance, a bachelor’s degree and have a supplementary course under criminology or an advanced postgraduate program. 

  1. The abundance of career opportunities

Many students seeking to study internationally in Sweden are often not only in pursuit of academia but for a stable career.

International students who want to get job opportunities in the same country so that they can permanently relocate or at least hold a long-term job in the country.

The career prospects in Sweden are very high. Many students get hired quickly as soon as they graduate from a Swedish University. 

The economy of the country is also a very attractive feature that entices students to choose Sweden. 

  1. Multicultural environment

Many people were looking for international universities to study their often causes of the general learning environment.

Nobody wants to study in a country that is quite conservative with its practices giving an implication that they are not open to diversification. 

Sweden presents a multicultural environment where students from different ethnicity across the world, a different religion, and gender appreciation.

Sweden is one of the most progressive countries in Europe having abolished LGBTQ punitive measures way back in 1944. 

Their openness in terms of diversification has attracted many students and that is why scholarship opportunities to study in Sweden are often highly sought in the world. 

Interacting with people who speak different languages people from different backgrounds will help you gain a greater understanding of the world in general.