June 12, 2024


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About Adult and Graduate Studies

Faith and Learning

At ENC, we offer you a different kind of continuing education program. We offer a valuable education infused with the Christian values that are a part of the foundation of our college. This faith-based approach to your education is realized in the classroom and out. Our faculty and staff are committed to both your professional and spiritual growth.

In all of our accelerated degree programs, you’ll examine ethical issues faced in the workplace and develop a solid foundation upon which to make decisions when you encounter moral dilemmas. Dynamic classroom discussions with faculty and the members of your cohort serve to increase your learning and broaden your understanding of a variety of view points.

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Each program prepares students to meet the learning outcomes specific for each program. Since authentic learning is a particular hallmark of Adult and Graduate Studies programming, all coursework is concerned with relating theory to practice. We emphasize the efficient use of class time, as each faulty member is encouraged to use class time only for enhancing experiences, not for reviewing the textbook or accomplishing work that adults could do on their own. Students are expected to accomplish much of the work required by the curriculum outside of class, either independently or through group work.

Cohort Model

The Cohort Model, is designed to bring together adult professionals from a variety of fields as they all pursue the same degree. Students are grouped together in a cohort and take classes together throughout the duration of the program. This model is offered for our Master of Science in Management, Higher Education Administration, Marriage and Family Therapy programs, as well as our undergraduate Education program, and programs offered at satellite campus locations.

Work/Life Balance

We understand that it can be challenging trying to pursue your education while you have a family and/or a demanding work schedule. At the Division of Adult and Graduate Studies, you can take one course at a time, one night a week, for 6-weeks (Marriage and Family Therapy Program schedule varies). This means you will be able to focus on each class and still maintain full time student status as you complete your degree.

Experienced Faculty

All of our professors are experienced in their field, and they are fully committed to the success of their students both in the classroom and in their professional development. Your professors will become mentors as they connect you to a larger professional network and support you along the way.

Career Focused

For many of our students, earning a degree means reaching the goal of career advancement or making a career change. We designed our programs around the philosophy that bringing together professionals from a variety of backgrounds, will create an information rich environment. We believe that you can easily transfer the skills you learn in the classroom directly into your work environment.

Campus Locations

Conveniently located on Boston’s South Shore, Eastern Nazarene College is located in Quincy with ample parking in close proximity to the MBTA Red Line. The Division of Adult and Graduate Studies has also branched out to several satellite campus locations throughout the South Shore.

Holistic Approach

We believe that providing the best of education means taking a holistic approach towards a student’s educational experience. At Eastern Nazarene College, we integrate knowledge, skills, and personal faith values in the classroom to help our students get the most out of their experience.


  • Provide an opportunity for advanced study by qualified students consistent with the resources of the college.
  • Point to ways in which the Christian faith is integrated with the professional focus of the various programs.
  • Maintain an atmosphere characterized by openness to truth, appreciation of the religious dimensions of life and commitment to a more humane world.
  • Provide an opportunity for serious reflection on the issues of faith and ethical concerns as they become relevant to the professional.
  • Address the major issues and models for business, education and family counseling.