July 19, 2024


Science It Works

An apology to my high school physics teacher

Marc Gellman

Many thanks for the enthusiastic responses to my column on how to in shape miracles into a religion that does not have to have you to be ignorant of science.

Q: I surely sympathize with people making an attempt to explain evident biblical miracles with normally developing cosmic situations this sort of as you proposed for the “crossing of the Red Sea.” However, this will only get you so far until finally it collapses of its possess body weight, e.g., the description in Exodus 17 of Moses keeping his arms up with guidance that prevented the sunshine from location, so allowing for Joshua’s army to prevail about the Amalekites (I imagine). Can you visualize the cosmic disruption of the planets that would have transpired? Even more problematic (for us Christians) are the NT miracles that defy logic, e.g., the raising of Lazarus from the lifeless soon after numerous times in the tomb, even noting that he had started to be odoriferous (John’s Gospel and only in this Gospel).