Are wind-powered cars a reality or just science fiction?

Joan S. Reed

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Is Air Power Blowing Over the Horizon?

At the moment, the most viable mode of sustainable transportation is an electric vehicle (EV). With more and more automakers announcing new EV designs every year, it’s reasonable to believe that EVs are here to stay.

However, some automakers are exploring different forms of green energy — specifically, wind. Are wind-powered cars a possibility, or are they something that’s likely to stay in the realm of science fiction?

The Potential of Wind Power

The idea of using wind for transportation is thousands of years old, with some experts citing dates as far back as 5000 B.C. We’ve used massive cloth sails to capture the wind’s energy and harness it to move ships across the oceans for centuries.

On a smaller scale, airboats use enormous turbines to generate thrusts across the water in shallow or congested areas where a traditional propeller would get snagged.