June 15, 2024


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Best UK Mountains to do a bike trip

15 of Britain's best scenic bike rides | Boundless by CSMAIf riding bikes on the mountain is an activity that appeals to you, then you should plan to climb some of the best mountains for biking in the UK. Depending on your level of mastery and your idea of adventure and fun, you might be looking for the riskier paths or the safe parts. Fortunately, there are many mountains you can bike on that can meet your idea of the ideal mountain bike track. Here are some of the best UK mountains to do a bike trip.

Helvellyn and Sticks Pass, Lake District
If you are looking for a dramatic start, then you would enjoy that when you start your biking from one Lake District’s largest lake. You can then look up at the mountains and thrust your way to the sky starting from abruptly from the lake. The Helvellyn is reputed to rank third in terms of height among the mountains in the lakes. You are promised a rewarding ride up the mountain and a glorious descent.

Exmoor, Somerset
You being to ride from Porlock where you can take enough meals with the right nutrients to sustain you on your trip, considering you will need all the calories during the trip. The climb will be steep as will be drop-through Horner Wood. Climbing higher will take you to the Webber’s Post as well as rocky, long singletrack that passes over Moorland and takes you to Brockwell.

Quantocks, Somerset
If you want a route that seems to tick virtually every classic, then you should consider this route. It is natural singletrack with plentiful flowing. You will be tested on some very technical descents during the trip. The mountain features many downhills run that is challenging as well as a steady fire-road climb.

Stob Ban, Scotland
From the bottom of Stob Ban, you will enjoy a rush of inspiration as you strive to access the tallest Highlands peaks. The trip will take you within the range of the sea for 4.5 miles. You would lose track of time when on this route as it promises to be a lot of fun. You will be enmeshed in the beautiful terrain that you are likely not to feel the stress of climbing up.

Ullswater, Lake District
When you look at the stats (8 miles or 13 kilometres), it could look like a paltry route to you, but this is not the case. We are talking about the Lake District where 8 miles on the trials can work you out. The route will take you the lake that is arguably the finest lake on the Lake District before taking you round to an area free of tourists. You can return to Ullswater through the arduous up with a downward trip that will have you pumping a lot of adrenaline. It is always important to have the right equipment to climb mountains when you are going on a mountain bike trip.

Lairig Ghru, Scotland
Even though you won’t get the distances or height from most of the other mountains mentioned in the list, you are promised of an undiluted experience on the mountain trail that you can take several times till you are worn off.

Cut Gate Path, Peak District
Located in Peak District, the trail provides a serious conundrum to many mountain bikers. Most bikers don’t know if they should describe it as a loop or not. In most cases, bikers avoid it and opt for The Beast or Jacob’s Ladder in the same location as they are easier to bike on compared to the Cut Gate Path.

Torridon, Scotland
The mountain is isolated splendidly and the ascension is gradual and consistent. It is one of the easiest mountains to climb concerning its height. There are only a few places on the track that could task you. It is a stony, firm trail that you can ride in every condition as it also features a considerable grip. Once you are up, you get a very beautiful view of the United Kingdom with a Munros collection along the West-East area and Liathach to the North.

Rhyd Ddu, Wales
The trail will take you to the highest peak in Wales. Descending the mountain promises to be an unforgettable experience. After the initial steep climb, the rest of the trail is a rolling smooth singletrack.

Nan Bield Pass, Lake District
This is another Lake District track that features the popular Nan Bield Pass. Many attributes are used to describe the trail including the awesome landscape of Lakeland Valley, nightmare ruts, chilling streams, sudden techy chutes, mucky gambles, sketchy, fast stony singletrack, and sunken alpine hairpins.

Other honourable mentions for great mountain bike trails in the UK include Dunnerdale Fells, Lake District; Great Hograh Moor, Yorkshire; Gower Peninsula, Wales; Skye, Scotland; Long Mynd, Shropshire; Doethie Valley, Wales; Peaslake, Surrey Hills; Howgill Fells, Cumbria; Kinlochleven Ciaran Path, Scotland; Gunnerside Gill, Yorkshire Dales; and Snowdon Ranger Path, Wales.