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Beyond Pulse Partners with SVEXA to Boost Data Metrics Capabilities to Help Coaches and Enlighten Young Athletes | State

PORTLAND, Ore., June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Beyond Pulse (BP), creator of smart wearable educational technology developed to help coaches coach better with the soccer athlete at the center, has announced its partnership with SVEXA (Silicon Valley Exercise Analytics), an innovative exercise intelligence company that combines sports performance, human biology and data science. Beyond Pulse and SVEXA are combining their respective technologies to provide individualized reporting on player performance, recovery, and well-being, which will enhance both the player and coaching experience. 

Our passion is simple – create better coaches

Founded in 2017 and currently serving 400 youth soccer clubs and coaches in the United States with its smart belt technology, BP will integrate a suite of SVEXA products into its existing system starting in August 2021, including individualized metrics that can integrate training load, stress, and recovery to predict Player Readiness of each athlete. That said, BP’s main objective in utilizing SVEXA products is to measure and optimize the heart rate and accelerometry capabilities of BP smart belts.

With the SVEXA integration, BP will set new expectations with its current heart rate metric by:

  • Combining heart rate and workload into integrated load metrics that offer a beneficial way to monitor and optimize the impact on the body.
  • Delivering comprehensive feedback, actionable insights, and guidance for coaches and athletes in their areas for individual improvement. 

BP also will track various subjective ratings, including session Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) of athletes through data collected from simple daily surveys. This data will be available to coaches so they can measure Player Readiness scores that integrate heart rate, training load, quality of sleep, diet and how they experienced mood and energy level. These metrics can determine if a player is ready to compete or if they have a higher susceptibility to illness or injury. 

“Our passion is simple – create better coaches. By doing that, we believe it leads to transformational experiences for young athletes,” said Marc-Andre Maillet, CEO and co-founder, Beyond Pulse. “With the integration of SVEXA’s impressive exercise science technology into the BP platform, we aren’t only helping coaches, but we also are teaching kids about heart rate, what it means, how their body responds to activity and movement, slow or fast, intense or recovery. In essence, we are teaching kids wellness too, and SVEXA is the perfect partner to help us do that.” 

SVEXA, whose team is closely linked to top universities such as Stanford, Oxford and Karolinska Institutet, has published hundreds of scientific articles and has a combined experience from decades of working with world-class athletes in a wide variety of sports. Now the company’s knowledge is consolidated and made available to coaches and athletes. 

“At SVEXA, our goal is to unlock the power of data both for athletes and their coaches,” said Mikael Mattsson, CEO, SVEXA. “Right now, Beyond Pulse has many options for collecting data, but no easy way to integrate it for simple, actionable insights. SVEXA provides the intelligence to do exactly that – we can calculate optimal training for each individual in every situation. We’re excited to partner with Beyond Pulse to bring our individualized insights to a wide range of players and coaches, through Beyond Pulse’s market-leading tools.”

Beyond Pulse creates smart wearable educational technology that exists to help coaches coach better with the athlete at the center. Where most wearable sports technologies aim to improve player performance, Beyond Pulse is dedicated to improving the coach, while also empowering organizations to help develop coaches. Designed by coaches for coaches, Beyond Pulse exists to create a better youth sports culture, by helping coaches be better teachers and leaders. Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2017, Beyond Pulse guides coaches in understanding the health and performance of their players, including key development indicators such as Heart Rate, Player Workload, Distance Covered, Speed, High Impact Sprints and Calories. The core strength of Beyond Pulse is the unique team of people who are both experts in their field and passionate about achieving the Beyond Pulse mission – to promote best practices in coaching education and youth development. The BP Smart Belt, affordable and easy-to-use, was developed for coaches, players, clubs and parents. For more information, visit

SVEXA is a Silicon Valley-based tech startup offering innovative exercise intelligence for sports teams, athletes, and sports technology providers. Their products provide a unique integration of sports training, performance and recovery data with biological and psychological profiles. The integrated analytical approach combining human and artificial intelligence consolidates myriad data points into real-time, individualized readiness metrics, so teams, athletes and coaches can optimize their training regimes and keep the athletes on the field, and even more importantly perform at the optimal level. Visit for more information.